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Bleed The Sky - Murder The Dance

Bleed The Sky may not have realized they carry a distinct nu-metal connection with their own chosen moniker, but they certainly have within their sound. That hasn't stopped them though and neither has a lack of identity as their last effort "Paradigm In Entropy" was little more than a Chimaira clone. Proceeding in a somewhat heavier direction this time around the band have yet to improve their songwriting much, instead opting to throw generic thrashy metalcore riffs and Meshuggah-lite song mechanics in with soaring clean vocals and meaty bellows.

Now admittedly that assessment isn't far off from what most modern metal bands are up to these days. The sticking point with Bleed The Sky though is that they lack focus and innovation. Each song on the album just seems to drone on with a similar cacophony of concise double kick, chunky riffing and screams/dated nu-melodies. Aside from the full-fledged experimental slower songs, little actually demands attention and even less sticks with you.

It all just comes off as muddy and meandering with little creativity behind it. Sure there are moments that prove the band have at least some foresight, but they don't exactly excuse the continual recycling of other acts finer points. More often than not the metal this band hope to commit murder with is far too dull to pierce the skin. In fact, the only homicide that takes place on this disc is that of the listeners interest.

(2 / 5)


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Bleed The Sky
Murder The Dance
Nuclear Blast

01. Knife Fight In A Phone Booth
02. Sullivan
03. Murder The Dance
04. The Sleeping Beauty
05. Morose
06. Occam's Razor
07. Bastion
08. Slavior
09. Kettle Black
10. Poseidon
11. The Demons That Could Be
12. Vertical Smile

Bleed The Sky's Official Website


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