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Black Water Rising - Black Water Rising

Those suspicious of southern hard rocking outfit Black Water Rising's intentions probably need look no further than the dreadlocks tucked under a cowboy hat on display in their promo picture. Further investigation will reveal that the band is comprised of alumni of a variety of nu-metal benchwarmers like Dust To Dust, Boiler Room and Stereomud. Still, if the worlds governments are now so eager to look the other way for past misdeeds and offer second chances, then perhaps it's time for jaded critics to do the same?

Yeah, not so much. Sure this album may initially bring a smile for adopting the swagger and riff laden mechanics of "Deliverance"-era Corrosion Of Conformity, but the group veer off course all too quickly. The blatant attempt at present day Queens Of The Stone Age quirkiness on "Hate Machine" pretty much siphons away credibility. While the further aping of groups like Down and innumerable radio rock acts ultimately produce a much too diluted end product.

Not to split hairs, but the tipping point for most on this album will probably come in the form of "Blessed", a song which sports the same "wish they were blessed like you" refrain as Corrosion Of Conformity's "Broken Man". Still, as damning as the liberal implementation of their seemingly transparent influences may be, the band do deliver a number of rocking tunes. The only real problem is that underneath the grease, dirt and cigarette burns, Black Water Rising basically feel like Nickelback in southern rock attire.

Yes the band exhale some smoky riffs and even hammer down some enticing driving momentum, but they also see fit to cough out an abundance of painfully direct choruses and hooks that feel like they were written in hopes of being the next WWE pay-per-view theme. Sadly it looks like it's back to the benches boys.

(2.5 / 5)


Black Water Rising
Black Water Rising
Capitol T Productions

01. The Mirror
02. Brother Go On
03. Hate Machine
04. Black Bleeds Through
05. Blessed
06. No Halos
07. Living Proof
08. Rise
09. The River
10. Sale On Your Soul
11. Burn It Down

Black Water Rising's Official Website


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