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Black Tide - Light From Above

We probably have Trivium to thank for opening the door for teenage retro thrash bands these days. Now groups like the latter, Warbringer and Black Tide have pilfered their older brothers, if not parents, record collections and are brazenly trying to recreate a movement that defined the late 80's. However, with a stint on "Ozzfest" to their credit and a major label backing them, surely Black Tide are upping the ante?

Yeah, not so much. Predictable thrash regurgitation with liberal touches of Motley Crue, Iron Maiden and others makes for an album that is about as refreshing as alcohol-free beer. This music has been done and done better and aside from hyping up their young years, Black Tide have little that make them stand out in today's crowd. Sure the guitar work is actually impressive at times, but songs flush with boisterous melodic glammy choruses are about as fresh as a whiff of Vince Neil's 80's era cod piece.

Admittedly the youthful energy in place is definitely palpable and the guitar work can be rather energized and technical at times. But the vocals are far too predictable and the band seem unable to ever really hit their stride. Instead they come about as close to a nu-thrash boy band as one could expect. Each song is too immaculately constructed to be dangerous and too soft to be taken seriously - even for the power metal crowd. Do yourself a favor and buy a couple greatest hits releases from this bands readily-apparent influences and really 'hit the lights' instead.

(2 / 5)


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Black Tide
Light From Above

01. Shockwave
02. Shout
03. Warriors Of Time
04. Give Me A Chance
05. Let Me
06. Show Me The Way
07. Enterprise
08. Live Fast Die Young
09. Hit The Lights
10. Black Abyss
11. Light From Above

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