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Between The Buried And Me - Colors

Thanks to a recent influx of talented competitors the spastic progressive tech metal terrain Between The Buried And Me used to freely enjoy began to suffer from a loss of habitat. It wasn't that these North Carolina natives' chops had lessened though, but faced with fierce one-upmanship and a seemingly limited set of resources, this musical spectrum was definitely prime for some population control.

"Colors", their latest release is more a parting shot to their imitators than anything else. For to get ahead of their peers, Between The Buried And Me have astutely studied the works of the past and heavily incorporated them into this stunning release. While the basis of the bands spastic metal forged upon highly agile musicianship is still the main proponent of this release, the bands exterior influences are no longer mere interludes or dalliances.

No, this time around the group will freely break loose from a pummeling predatory thrash/death metal groove and emerge into some Kansas-like southern rock stomp or bow gracefully at the feed of the likes of Queen, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd and King Crimson. The trick to making these seemingly disparate nods turn into something that functions properly throughout comes from the bands overall modern approach. They don't try to directly imitate and rather emulate the attitude, allowing them to convincingly graft a number of styles into their underlying metallic prowess.

As varied and expansive as this disc is though, there's still a soul to it. A rare feat in this day and age when the influences thrown against a wall usually resemble the blood splatters at a gruesome crime scene rather than some kind of art. But some kind of art is exactly what "Colors" is. A broad spectrum of musical talent, played by some incredibly proficient musicians who relentlessly endeavor to provoke the listener while pushing their own limits.

In a genre often bent only upon intensity, Between The Buried And Me have managed to add in the depth and variety necessary to keep the audience coming back long after the adrenaline has worn off. In turn, they have made a new milestone many of their followers will simply be unable to reach. Long-winded and indulgent at times? Sure, and it may not be something you can listen to everyday. But with an end result this epic, who gives a shit. It may not be a new revolution, but it's still the best this corner of metal has come up with in years.

(4 / 5)


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Between The Buried And Me

01. Foam Born (A) The Backtrack
02. (B) The Decade of Statues
03. Informal Gluttony
04. Sun Of Nothing
05. Ants Of The Sky
06. Prequel To The Sequel
07. Viridian
08. White Walls

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