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All Parallels - Solitude

All Parallels' pop-infused take on hooky post hardcore remains as infectious as ever on "Solitude". A little bit Glassjaw, a little bit Handsome/Rival Schools and a lot rock n' roll is a tricky combination to ace; and yet nearly every track here sees the band make the grade with flying colors.

Most intriguing is the dark side to All Parallels' generally upbeat poppy progressive rock. Lyrical content condemns society's vapid stereotypes to slashed faces and hacked off hands; while the bitter sweet energy behind the music itself dynamically contrasts this. Toss in a few lively solos, a colorful amount of instrumental friction and some cleverly written choruses and you are left with a collection of songs sweet enough to tickle the more radio friendly palette; yet rife with enough bitter aftertaste to induce some emotional heartburn.

Another key strength of the band is not to overextend themselves. Despite having some additional depth and complexity present in their songs thanks to a penchant for classic prog rock, their trio line-up ensures an edgy scaled down honesty. Furthering this is the fact that song length is rarely an issue with the band electing to keep it short and efficient. All in all, All Parallels continue to be one of the more enjoyable independent groups with enough endearing charms to rally both metalheads and pop-rock fans to their cause.

(4 / 5)


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All Parallels
All Parallels

01. See You In Hell
02. From The Palace To The Firing Squad
03. Funeral Pyre Eyes
04. I Let Her Win
05. Stranger In Samsara
06. Rumsuck
07. Newark International
08. Abysmal

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