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Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins originally started out as a drummer and eventually found his niche at singing at the request of his then band mates.

Finch's original band name was Numb.

Blindside originally performed together under the moniker of Underfree back in their formative days.

Back in their glam metal days, Alice In Chains went by the name of Alice 'N Chainz. Meanwhile, prior to forming the aforementioned band, frontman Layne Staley was a member of Sleze and was also in a group dubbed Diamond Lie with guitarist Jerry Cantrell, drummer Sean Kinney, and former band bassist Mike Starr. The latter group eventually changed their name to Alice In Chains.

The band Rival Schools actually got their name from an arcade game by the name of "Rival Schools United By Fate" which was released in 1998.

Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse David Leach starred in the 1999 Farrelly Brothers movie "Outside Providence" as the character "Decenz".

Prior to being known as American Head Charge, an earlier incarnation of the band went by the name of Gestapo Pussy Ranch.

Boy Hits Car's original name was Grandma's Third Battalion.

AUDIOVENT drummer Jamin Wilcox's dad John Wilcox, was at one time a member of Hall & Oates.

Killswitch Engage got their name after hearing the word "killswitch" while watching an episode of The X-Files. They later added Engage to enhance the name.

Prior to his career in music, Rob Zombie was an art director for a pornographic magazine and a production assistant for the children's television show, "Pee-Wee's Playhouse".

The Lostprophets got their name from a live bootleg Duran Duran CD entitled, The Lost Prophets.

Ill Nino previously went by the name El Nino, but dropped the moniker after a few lineup changes. Furthermore, band drummer Dave Chavarri was also once a temporary drummer for Roadrunner labelmates Soulfly.

Prior to their current bands, 40 Below Summer bassist Hector Graziani, Darwin's Waiting Room guitarist Eddie The Kidd and former Endo drummer Joel Suarez were in a band called Level Nine.

Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose and bassist Vinnie Hornsby played together in a band called Snake Nation before joining Sevendust.

Before joining Godsmack, band drummer Tommy Stewart was a member of Lillian Axe.

Prior to joining Adema, band frontman Marky Chavez was involved with a group dubbed A.D.D..

Prior to joining Coal Chamber, band frontman Dez Fafara and guitarist Miguel "Meegs" Rascon played together in a band called She's In Pain.

Tool guitarist Adam Jones and former Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello played together in a punk band called Electric Sheep back in their high school days.

Beautiful Creatures rhythm guitarist Anthony Focx played the role of the drummer for Tia Carrere's fictional band Crucial Taunt, in the movie Wayne's World.

Beautiful Creatures frontman Joe Leste was once the frontman for late 80's/early 90's glam/hair metal band, Bang Tango.

The woman featured in Staind's video for their track "It's Been Awhile", is actually band frontman Aaron Lewis' wife, Vanessa.

Prior to joining Biohazard, band guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei was a member of the band, Museum Of Corruption.

Prior to joining 40 Below Summer, band bassist Hector Graziani was in the band Nonpoint Factor, a group which is now known today as Nonpoint.

As a child, 40 Below Summer frontman Max Illidge was featured in the Talking Heads video for the track "Burning Down The House".

Glassjaw's video for the track "Siberian Kiss", was directed and put together by Thursday guitarist Steve Pedulla.

Prior to their name change to be a bit more politically correct, Dog Fashion Disco were known as Hug The Retard.

Prior to joining Tool, band guitarist Adam Jones was a Hollywood special effects designer and worked on movies such as "Jurassic Park", "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" and "Edward Scissorhands". He has also been responsible for the bulk of the bands videos to date.

Stereomud got their name as a suggestion from Stormtroopers Of Death frontman, Billy Milano.

Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist Anthony Keidis and bassist Flea both appear in the video for Ice Cube's 1992 classic "Wicked", a song which was later covered by Korn along with Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno on the 1996 Korn effort, "Life Is Peachy".

Prior to joining Snot, guitarist Sonny Mayo was involved with a thrash metal band called Silence for four to five years until they broke up. After that, he began working as a guitar tech for the band Souls At Zero, which featured Shannon Larkin on drums. When Souls At Zero's original guitarist broke his hand, Sonny filled in for him on a string of ten dates. Meanwhile, Shannon was also playing in another band called Kiddie Porn with bassist Tumor and together with Sonny, they formed a new band called the MF Pitbulls with Jamie Miller, which still plays gigs occasionally to this day. The Pitbulls were eventually somewhat put on hiatus however, when Shannon left the Washington, DC area to join Ugly Kid Joe in Santa Barbara, CA. While in Santa Barbara Shannon met guitarist Mikey Doling who was playing in a band called Kronix and also met vocalist Lynn Strait who was at the time a member of the band Glue. Mikey and Lynn told Shannon they wanted to start a band and when it came time to find a bassist and another guitarist, Shannon told them about Sonny, Tumor and Jamie, who were eventually convinced to relocate to Santa Barbara to form Snot.

Sepultura were offered 1 million dollars from Sharon Osbourne to rejoin with their former vocalist Max Cavalera for a stint on the Ozzfest 2000 tour. The band declined.

Before joining Ultraspank, band vocalist Pete Murray, and bassist Dan Ogden were members of an early '90s speed metal band named Indica.

Prior to joining Glassjaw, group guitarists Justin Beck and Todd Weinstock were members of the group Sons Of Abraham.

Early incarnations of Taproot which mainly consisted of band guitarist Mike DeWolf and front man Stephen Richards who at the time played drums, included V.O.D. (Volume Over Dose), Clem, Malicious Intent, Hollow, Corruption Committee and Skumbag.

Before joining Hatebreed, band front man Jamey Jasta was in a hardcore band called Jasta14.

Nonpoint front man Elias Soriano was originally a bass player when he first started playing in bands.

Prior to joining Machine Head, band front man Robert Flynn was involved with a group named Vio-lence.

Sevendust frontman Lajon Witherspoon was once a member of an R&B group called Body & Soul.

Before joining and subsequently leaving Rage Against The Machine, frontman Zack De La Rocha was the vocalist for a group called Inside Out and played guitar in a band called Hardstance.

"All we wanted to make was something that was honest, and I think there's very little music left in the world today that's honest. You'll never see me in one of those fucking Calvin Klein ads." - Casey Chaos (vocals) Amen

Deftones DJ, Frank Delgado was involved with a group called the Socialistiks prior to joining the Deftones full time.

Before changing their name, Cold originally went by the name Grundig.

Prior to joining Sepultura, frontman Derrick Green was a founding member of the group Integrity when he was 15. He later left the band and they went on to sign with Victory Records. Derrick was also involved in a group dubbed Outface which before breaking up, featured current Filter bassist Frank Cavanagh and guitarist Charlie Garriga of CIV fame. He was also a member of the group Overfiend which featured former Glassjaw drummer Sammy Siegler.

Rob Zombie's video for the track "Living Dead Girl" was actually based on the movie "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" which originally came out in 1919.

Prior to joining their current bands, Ben and Brad from SW1TCHED and Mark and Jim from Chimaira were in a band together called Skipline.

Before changing their name, Downset. originally went by the name Social Justice.

Mudvayne recorded their No Name/Epic debut album, "L.D. 50" at The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, B.C., a studio which is actually owned by Bryan Adams. The group also thank Bryan Adams in the cover of the album as a result.

Powerman 5000 were once featured in an episode of Beverly Hills 90210. They appeared on the show due to one of its lead stars, Jason Priestley being involved in their then record label Curve Of The Earth Records.

Ultraspank drummer, Cornfed was once the drummer for Snot.

Amen frontman Casey Chaos was once a world champion skateboarder.

Rage Against The Machine guitarist, Tom Morello was once in a band called Lock Up which released an album on Geffen Records.

The Union Underground members Bryan Scott and Patrick Kennison were formerly members of the glam rock band, Boyzen Heat.

Prior to joining Slipknot, vocalist Corey Taylor was in a band called Stone Sour.

Infamous producer Ross Robinson once played in a thrash metal band called Detente, who released an album through Metal Blade Records.

When A Perfect Circle was originally forming, the band was envisioned to be fronted by a female singer, until Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan randomly tried out for the part.

"Limp Bizkit totally destroyed my street credit with black metal." - Ross Robinson (Producer).

According to band guitarist Bobby Burns, Primer 55's name originates from the combination of the interstate in Memphis Tennessee, "Interstate 55" which is a known route for drug smuggling, while the word "Primer" refers to a slang term for getting fucked up on any substance aka being "primered out".

The name of the now defunct band The Deadlights refered to the lights people see when they have a near death experience.

The title of Mudvayne's major label debut "L.D. 50", refers to a medical term pharmacologists use to measure how toxic a substance is. The term stands for Lethal Dosage 50, which represents how much of a chemical it takes to kill fifty out of a hundred test subjects.

The girl featured in Incubus's video for the track "Stellar", is in fact band frontman Brandon Boyd's fiancee.

Static-X frontman Wayne Static and drummer Ken Jay played together in the late 80's/early 90's in the band Deep Blue Dream.

Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo once overdosed on heroin in 1996 in Dallas and was dead for 4-5 minutes before being revived by paramedics.

Glassjaw frontman Daryl Palumbo has three x's tattooed on the inside of his lower lip, to represent his straightedge lifestyle.

Prior to forming Spineshank, vocalist Johnny Santos and drummer Tom Decker were in a band called Basic Enigma.

It's well known that Powerman 5000 frontman Spider One is the brother of Rob Zombie, but strengthening the family ties even closer, Powerman 5000 guitarist M.33 is the brother of Rob Zombie drummer John Tempesta.

Andy band frontman of The Apex Theory was the original drummer for System Of A Down.

"If there's a band that's influenced by us, that's a beautiful thing, and obviously a good sign. But sometimes I'll hear some stuff on the radio, and it'll honestly sound like something off our first record, and I'm thinking `Man, there's all these bands that are just getting all these huge deals, their millions and their buzz clips on MTV and all that stuff. I really feel like we helped open the doors for so many of these bands and we couldn't get this stuff, and now it's getting handed to anybody who's making anything that's heavy. That can sometimes get to you, ya know?" - Chino Moreno (Vocals) Deftones

The name Papa Roach stems from band frontman Jacoby's grandfathers surname being "Roach", his nickname was Papa Roach.

Former Failure guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen works closely with producer Josh Abraham and as has such has helped write songs for groups such as Orgy and Deadsy.

Former frontwoman of Human Waste Project and current singer of theSTART, Aimee Echo made a guest appearance on the Red Hot Chili Peppers album "One Hot Minute".

All 3 members of Chevelle are in fact brothers.

The beat up graffiti coated car featured in (hed)pe's video for the track "Ground" was in fact band member DJ Product's car which he used daily until it finally broke down in 1999.

The first band mega producer Ross Robinson ever produced was W.A.S.P..

When Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger was 17 in 1994 he tried out for Alanis Morissette's band. Needless to say he didn't get the part but he did comment about it, "I actually auditioned for Alanis' band when I was like 17, before she got really big. I was just like, Oh, this girl singing these songs . . . and then a few months later it was on the radio, and I was like, What? Damn, I should've tried harder!"

Dope initially financed the recording of their first demo which would eventually get them signed to Flip/Sony by selling drugs in New York City.

Prior to joining Manhole/Tura Satana vocalist Tarrie B. was signed to Eazy-E's Ruthless Records and released a gangsta rap CD entitled "The Power Of A Woman".

Prior to joining Slipknot group bassist Paul Gray and drummer Joey Jordison started the metal band Anal Blast and are featured on the bands CD "Vaginal Vempire" which they claim to have wrote every song on.

Godsmack's manager and man who is referred to as the 5th member and who helped shape their career is Paul Geary former drummer for early 90's hair metal band Extreme.

"Last year (1998) Limp Bizkit opened for us. Now they own the world and we're opening for them." - Les Claypool (Bass/Vocals) Primus

Static-X were once known as "Static" but had to change their name due to another band having the name copyrighted, the group begrudgingly added the "-X" at first but after time has come to love it.

"We're not going to use the word "cookie" just so our song can rhyme, our lyrics are real, about stuff we see going around us everyday." - J-Sin (Vocals) Primer 55

Ultraspank were formerly known as "Spank", but due to another band having the name copyrighted and the band needing a name they could own after they got signed they called up Rob Zombie asking him for a name, he came up with the name Ultraspank and the rest is history.

"We're just here doing what we do and we have nothing to say about anybody" - Fred Durst (Vocals) Limp Bizkit

The man who graces Incubus's album covers for "Enjoy Incubus" and "S.C.I.E.N.C.E." and is often referred to as the mustachioed mystic & Charles Mullholand is in fact band singer Brandon Boyd's father Chuck Boyd.

TiLo who was Tommy Lee's partner in Methods Of Mayhem was once known as Tim Dog and was a vocalist for (hed)pe.

"Primus was our first and biggest influence. In the beginning it was almost embarrassing how much we ripped them off. We had to slowly work the Primus out of us."
- Chino Moreno (Vocals) Deftones.

Nuclear Rabbit bassist Jean Baudin took personal music lessons from Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman and guitar virtuoso Jason Becker.

Nonpoint were originally known as Nonpoint Factor but later dropped the Factor because they thought Nonpoint sounded better.

Tarrie B. frontwoman of My Ruin and formerly of Manhole/Tura Satana, was once romantically involved with Fear Factory frontman Burton C. Bell.

Primus frontman Les Claypool tried out to play bass in Metallica after Cliff Burton passed away. He was turned down.

Rayna (Coal Chamber) and Morgan Rose (Sevendust)'s child, Kayla's middle name is Morray, which is the first three letters of each parent's name.

The woman on Coal Chamber's album cover for "Chamber Music" is a depiction of singer Dez Fafara's fiancee Anahstasia.

Previous to joining System Of A Down, frontman Serj Tankian owned a successful software company that was involved in the jewelry business. He has since sold it.

Paul Fried of the band AUDIOVENT is in fact Ben of AUDIOVENT and Mike Einziger of Incubus's stepbrother making quite the family connection between the two bands.

Back in the mid 90's a band called Cymonic Drive featured Dan now in the band Madhops on bass and Dennis AKA D-hauz now ex-20 Dead Flower Children on vocals. While another band called Skumbag featured Steve now of Taproot on drums and Mike now of Taproot on guitar, one day these bands played a gig together and both took interest in each others band. After a few conversations the 4 members dissolved their current bands and got together to form the first incarnation of a band we now know as Taproot the line-up then featured D-hauz on vocals, Mike on guitar, Dan on bass and Steve on drums. The band's first song was "Coma 99" which later went on to became a 20 Dead Flower Children song in a different version. Things went well at the start but the band's line-up only lasted about 3-4 months when it was cut short by D-hauz leaving the band to join 20 Dead Flower Children after their original singer left the band. With no singer to front the band Dan left shortly after and formed Madhops. Taproot's future wasn't looking to bright until Steve stepped out from behind the drumkit and attempted the vocal duties, it turned out that Steve could sing quite well which brought Dan back into the fold to lay down the bass on some demo tracks one of which included the song from Taproot's debut album "Something More Than Nothing..." "Negative Rein4sment" in which Dan can also be heard busting a freestyle on. The new band configuration worked out well but Dan was well into Madhops and returned back to them which left Steve and Mike to search out some new musicians to take their place, they first found Phil their current bass player and then J-rod their current drummer which worked well and is now their current line-up.

Vision Of Disorder got their name when band member Mike Kennedy saw the phrase in an textbook in school, he thought it was cool showed it to the rest of the band and the rest is history.

Human Waste Project's album E-Lux was originally meant to be titled Electrolux, but this name was cut short when Hoover Vacuum's considered suing since they own the trademark.

Primus' original band name used to be Primate when they first started but they changed it as another band had that name.

AUDIOVENT, a band out of Socal features younger brother Ben Einziger of Michael Einziger of Incubus as well as Jason Boyd younger brother of Brandon Boyd of Incubus.

Sugar Ray were once known as the The Shrinky Dinks in the early 90's.

D-hauz, vocalist of the now defunct 20 Dead Flower Children was at one point the vocalist for Taproot.

Former Videodrone vocalist Ty Elam has the words "Think" and "Focus" tattooed underneath his eyebrows.

"I have no problem with being pop, pop means popular, which is cool with me." - Fred Durst (vocals) Limp Bizkit

Amir Derakh of Orgy was in a glam rock band in the mid 80's called Rough Cutt.

Richard Patrick (vocals/guitar) of Filter, was a guitarist for Nine Inch Nails from 1989-1993.

"We're going to be the best band ever in five years" - Dez Fafara (Vocals) Coal Chamber.

The song "Amir Of The Desert" on Coal Chamber's self titled debut is about Amir Derakh of Orgy who engineered the album. Jay Gordon of Orgy also appears on the album.

The interlude after the song "Scissors" and before the hidden song "Eeyore" on Slipknot's self titled release is the band watching 2 Japanese girls eat shit out of a guys ass on a porno film.

Orgy's debut album title "Candyass" refers to a male drag queen whom singer Jay Gordon met, who's stage name was "Candyass".

The word Reveille means to signal or to alert, In Latin it means to wake up, Also the word is pronounced "Rev-uh-lee".

The term "White Pony", which the Deftones intend to use as their next album title is slang for cocaine.

Where does the name "System Of A Down"? According to Bass Player Shavo Odadjian, this is where:
"It comes from a poem that Daron, our guitar player, wrote, and it was called "Victims Of The Down". We changed the first word victim to system, cause the victims are part of the system. System is a stronger word and it doesn't make that much sense. So it's open to interpretation for everybody.

The hidden song after the track "Scissors" on Slipknot's debut album on Roadrunner Records is entitled "Eeyore".

(hed)p.e. used to be known as (hed) before another band with the name hed disputed the claim to the moniker. They then added the pe which stands for planetary evolution.

Sevendust used to be known as Crawlspace and released and early version of the song "My Ruin" on the Mortal Kombat:More Kombat Soundtrack in 1996.

Staind's name is spelt missing the e because back when they were still independent and relatively unknown there was another band in their town named "Stained" which they were also known as at the time. After everyone getting the bands mixed up they changed their name to "Staind" as it is now.

On Everlast's second album "Whitey Ford Sings The Blues", the song "The Letter" is about his relationship with former Manhole, Tura Satana vocalist Tarrie B.

Richard Patrick (Vocals, Misc.) of the band Filter is the brother of actor Robert Patrick (T-1000, Terminator 2). In the movie From Dusk Till Dawn 2, Robert Patrick at one point wears a Filter shirt.

The word "Puya" stems from the Latin American slang for black coffee with no sugar in it. Hence something that gets you psyched quick, or a rush.

Ipecac Recordings is a label owned by ex-Faith No More singer Mike Patton.

"I love spunking onto tissues and leaving them under the mattress for the next band, you know?" - Brian Barry (Vocals) One Minute Silence commenting on renting tour buses.

"We all know that the Pope pisses and shits and gets an erection, but people don't see that because he's the Pope" - Brian Barry (Vocals) of One Minute Silence.

Static-X frontman Wayne Static (Vocals/Guitar) was once in a band with Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan in the late 80's.

"We're so secure about our band that we don't have to talk shit. It's a bunch of bitter people. We're still going to be here and we get fucking Manson and Hole just making fun of us. But you know what? We're double, triple out-selling what they're doing and we don't have to be bitter and fucking talk shit. We just do our stuff. But if we got into that we could just totally destroy them because we do more than both those bands put together" - Jon Davis (Vocals) Korn.

Fieldy, The bass player from KoRn, does the designs for most of their merchandise.

The name "Wisconsin Death Trip" of the Static-X debut album is the title of a book which showcases the violent side of a small Wisconsin town.

Les Claypool of Primus once told Fieldy "That's a pretty cool double kick" after hearing B.B.K. by Korn not knowing it was Fieldy's bass.

"I could possibly kick every one of the Backstreet Boys in the nuts and lose any sleep about it"
- Clint Lowery (Guitar) Sevendust.

finger eleven's old band name was Rainbow Butt Monkeys

Why does Slipknot wear masks and overalls? here's why:
"We did it because, after being degraded constantly for trying to play music or do something in Des Moines, it just came to be like we were an anonymous entity. No one gave a fuck, no one cared, so we were never about our names or our faces; We're just about music. So we just put it on and it started gettin' people, and it just started to turn into this big thing. The music's the most important, though. The coveralls and masks happened, and for some reason it worked, therefore we had to kind of continue with it. We got stuck with it."
- Joey Jordison (Drums) Slipknot.

The song entitled "Over The Electric Grapevine" from the Primus album "Tales From the Punchbowl" is about a road trip Les Claypool and Bob C. Cock took on lsd in which Bob C. Cock phoned a call in radio show from a payphone and ended up talking on the radio station Les was listening to in the car.

One of the bands that spawned Korn, "L.A.P.D."'s acronym stood for Love, And Peace Dude.

Drain S.T.H. is only known as Drain S.T.H. in America as another band owns the rights to the name Drain there, In other countries they are known as Drain, The S.T.H. stands for Stockholm, Their Hometown in Sweden.

At the end of the Limp Bizkit video for "Nookie" the footage of Fred Durst being arrested is real. Limp Bizkit didn't have a permit to shoot the video.

The real name of Deftones frontman Chino Moreno is actually Camillo Moreno.

Brad Wilk, drummer of Rage Against The Machine at one point was the drummer for Pearl Jam.

The Deftones are in the movie The Crow: City Of Angels, They play the song "Teething" on stage during the day of the dead sequence and are on camera.

"Maybe we have a different definition of heavy. Like anything Thelonious Monk does is heavier than Pantera to me..." - Chi Cheng (Bass) Deftones.

How did 311 get their name? Here's how:
311 is the Omaha police code for indecent exposure. One day P-Nut (bassist) and some of his friends were skinny dipping in a public pool. They were busted by the police. One of P-Nut's friends was arrested, handcuffed and taken home naked to his parents. He was given a citation for indecent exposure (311). The band thought it was funny and took it as a name.


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