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Mindless Self Indulgence - January 30th, 2000
Mindless Self Indulgence frontman Little Jimmy Urine speaks what's left of his mind.

Neva - June 15th, 2000
Neva have quickly established themselves as rising stars in the Toronto hard music scene, fusing together elements of reggae, emotion and anger, their music has taken the local audiences by storm. In this interview the band elaborates on how they now intend to move to America to conquer a larger market and attain their dreams, not to mention just why they wouldn't be afraid of Snorks in a dark alley.

Nonpoint - September 28th, 2000
Nonpoint drummer Robb takes the time to address the groups MCA Records debut album "Statement", rock artists covering rap songs and the Kool-Aid Man.


Nuclear Rabbit

One Minute Silence - March 2000
One Minute Silence are firmly at the forefront of the new wave of U.K. metal bands. With their rap metal fusion and bags of melody they have created a storm on recent tours with machine head and slipknot. Live, the band are second to none and anyone who has seen them will confirm this. The new album 'Buy Now...Saved Later' finally encapsulates the live experience and then some.... Having already established a strong following in the UK, One minute silence have their sights firmly set on breaking America. You've been warned!

Order By Chaos - October 06th, 2000
Order By Chaos elaborate on life in Jacksonville, FL after Limp Bizkit, the direction of the bands new sound, and the elderly leaving brown streaks on their carpet.

Papa Roach - October 04th, 2000
Papa Roach have a chance to sit down with our very own Defweb and discuss success, the next album, pornography, and which band member can "Infest" the toilet.

Papa Roach - October 1999


Pressure 4-5

Primer 55 - January 13th, 2000

Professional Murder Music - February 26th, 2000



Shun - August 05th, 2000
Shun mixes heavy music with melody to come up with some great songs, heavily influenced by the grunge and new metal scenes. The entire band answers questions about their musical background, as well comments about their love for CMT.



Slaves On Dope - September 12th, 2000
Slaves On Dope bassist Frank gives his thoughts about touring on Ozzfest, the pressures of being the first act on Ozzy Osbourne's record label and a shocking admission about an action figure in his anal cavity.


Spineshank - December 14th, 2000
Spineshank drummer/programmer Tommy Decker tackles the issues surrounding their latest album, unreleased material, videogames and avoiding anything that comes from Jonny's ass.


Spiritfall - November 29th, 2000
Spiritfall's singer Anthony and guitarist Christian shed some light on the band's story, as well as comment about their manager drinking too much Whoop Ass.

Stereomud - July 08th, 2000
You've probably heard about the buzz on Stereomud, at the present moment with major label interest, they have already appeared on a FarmClub episode, and also contain two ex-members of Life of Agony and one ex-member of Stuck Mojo in their line-up. Stereomud definitely has a bright future ahead of them. Read in this interview how they intend to release a full length album early next year, besides other interesting info.


Taproot - June 09th, 1999

Throat Culture

Ultraspank - July 15th, 2000
An interview originally set to take place during the recording of the bands latest effort "Progress" went haywire due to faulty computer equipment and the bands ever grueling tour schedule, but now with some downtime on their hands, Ultraspank's frontman Pete Murray took the time to answer some questions addressing success, touring, and nuclear powered penis pump's.

Uncle No


VENT - December 07th, 1999

Vitamin F


The Workhorse Movement - October 09th 2000
The Workhorse Movement discuss their Kiss-Hop sound, general life on the road as well as explaining just what the "Sabbath Dream" is.


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