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(hed)p.e. - September 29th, 2000
(hed)p.e. drummer BC goes toe to toe with The PRP's own wookubus, commenting on the bands recent tours, success, name changes and guest appearances, plus his hatred for muppets.


26 Miles Per Hour


8 Degrees - November 28th, 2000
8 Degrees gather up and give their thoughts on their latest release "A Series Of Moments" and discuss the state of their local scene, rapcore music and their fondness of urine.

Amen - December 12th, 2000
Tumor and Paul Fig talk about Amen's overseas success, the Roadrunner Records Fiasco, riding in firetrucks and we also sneak in a few Strait Up questions.

American Head Charge

BeanBag - May 2000
Beanbag have been proving what their musical power is all about, conquering fans from north to south of the globe. Hailing from Australia, Beanbag has already toured other countries besides their own and the feedback has been completely positive, establishing a large fanbase not only in their area, but in the whole globe. The buzz around the band is currently big, so check 'em out before they get huge.

Blindside - January 26th, 2000




Chore - August 23th, 2000
Chore's music has once been described as one of Canada's greatest treasures. Their vicious mixture of emo and rock are sure to please anyone. The band's drummer, David Dunhan, answers questions about their second album, Take My Mask And Breathe, and about a possible guest appearance on Boy George's next album.



Controlled Aggression

Crackerjack System


Deftones - June 07th, 2000
The Deftones are about to release the most anticipated rock album of the year. Having achieved Gold status with earlier albums 'adrenaline' and 'around the fur', The White Pony is likely to be their break through album. Pioneers of the nu metal scene, the White Pony well and truly re sets the standard. DJ Frank Delgado, now a full time member of the band sums it up saying "I look at it like the band are in a car and if you want to ride with us, get in lets go! Because who knows where we are going to go or going to stop. Why do we have to keep recreating stuff where weve been or done already? "



The Dillinger Escape Plan - November 01st, 2000
Dimitri of the Dillinger escape plan takes time out to answer questions at a recent sold out UK show and reveals his love of Oasis and a one step guide of how to get into the mtv music awards uninvited.

Dog Fashion Disco

Dolly Trauma

Domeshots - December 09th, 1999



Earthtone9 - April 2000
Earthtone 9 are one of the uk's best kept secrets. "just call em the uks best metalcore band. nuff said" (Terrorizer Magazine)
Since they seemingly came out of nowhere with their amazing debut 'lo-def(inition) discord, there has been no looking back. Coming across with the rage of Sepultura yet the subtly of Tool, Earthtone 9 have the versatility that many a band would kill for. The music - melodic, spiritual post hardcore with elements of thrash. One listen and this feels all so relevant in a time when other bands are jumping on a bandwagon. Earthtone 9 have chosen their own path, and this is surely the way forward.

Drowningman - November 25th, 2000
Drowningman singer Simon Brody takes the time to discuss the origins of Drowningman and how they developed into a band who have produced one of the finest hardcore albums of the year in the form of "The Rock And Roll Killing Machine". Just don't mention bad hair cuts, and ass sweat that smells of vinegar.


Edgy - July 10th, 2000
Edgy hail out of the unlikely place of east coast Canada and bring a passionate brand of melodic aggression. Read on to learn just exactly what a "Chilliwangker" is, along with crafted opinions on music, goat milking and the Goonies.


Factory 81 November 9th 2000
Factory 81 guitarist, Bill takes the time to discuss the re-release of their latest album "Mankind", the plans for new material and touring and dealing with dog shit on his bed.

Factory 81 December 31st, 1999

Flicker - October 07th, 2000
Flicker's currently causing a buzz in Sacramento's music scene with their unique melody. Band singer Jared answers why he thinks they're is not just a "regular" band, as well as his views about the "sell-out" issue.

Fueled By Ignorance - August 14th, 2000
Fueled By Ignorance guitarist Adrian Castley sheds light on the western Canadian scene, the motivation behind their latest EP and Mcdonalds.

Glassjaw - December 07th 2000
Todd sits down with defweb to discuss life on the road, Roadrunner Records, German Soulfly fans, and sticking toothbrushes up your ass.

Glassjaw - July 17th, 2000
Glassjaw frontman Daryl Palumbo takes sometime off of his busy schedule of touring across the U.S. with the Deftones to shed light on the bands dynamic music, their past, Ross Robinson plus an opinion on Howard The Duck.


Gruvis Malt


helen 55

Idol Minds


Insolence - December 31st, 1999


Linkin Park - December 09th, 2000
Linkin Park frontman Mike Shinoda addresses the plans for future tours, singles and TV performances and elaborates on shitting in a bag.

Liquid Gang

Local Porn Star



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