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Interview: Taproot

Questions answered by:
Mike DeWolf (Guitars), Phil Lipscomb (Bass),
Interviewed by Brian Webb

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PRP: Record sales of "Gift" have been steady, though you haven't reached the success many earmarked you for, does this bother you?
Mike: We are really happy where we are at right now, everything is totally going how we would want it to go. We have sold 150,000 albums in the states and those are 150,000 kids who like us for us and not because they heard us on the radio. They heard about us or saw us live and that's really important for us to gather those kinds of fans first before anything else ridiculous happens.

PRP: You're set to take some time off shortly and possibly write new songs for your upcoming new album, you've also written quite a few songs while on the road.
Mike: On the time off we are going to put some finishing touches on some and write a few more. We already have about 12 songs written for the album we have been writing since we got out of the studio last time.
PRP: So would you say you are looking forward to going back in the studio?
Mike: I am for sure definitely, change of pace.
Phil: I just want to hear the new stuff really done right. We recorded a little bit here and there and we cant wait to hear that shit proper.
PRP: What can we expect from the new material? The new song you played (tentatively titled "Poem To Self") supporting the Deftones seemed heavier.
Mike: Yeah, that's kind of the most classic sounding Taproot song that there is.
Phil: Some of the shits really mellow, more than the other stuff. Some shit is really hard, crazy shit. We will probably hit a few more different kind of moods.
Mike: Some stuffs a lot more smooth I guess but it will be rad for sure, it will be different.

PRP: What's the most pointless interview you have ever done in this hotel? (note: tape recorder broke during prior Interview the day before)
Phil: Hahahaha. Wasn't it yours?

PRP: Would Bon Jovi put up with that kind of lack of professionalism?
Mike: Hahaha I don't know but I'm doing it for you and I'm doing it for Wook.

PRP: There's been rumors circulating that you guys may hit the road again in May for a short tour leading into Ozzfest, has there been any talk about this?
Mike: Its a rumor man but seriously we were planning on doing our own headlining tour when we get back for like two and a half weeks but our management was like who do you want to take out with you and we decided we wanted Harland Williams (actor from films such as Half Baked -, We wanted him to come and do the M.C spot telling some jokes here and there but the management were pissed saying we didn't take stuff seriously.
Phil: Somehow are tour got canceled.

PRP: How has it been adapting to life on the road?
Mike: It's hard. Sometimes we just want to get away from everyone and get home and chill out but then when you're at home you want to get back out.
Phil: Personally I love this shit, no placed I'd rather be.
PRP: Have the bands who have taken you on tour such as the Deftones given you any tips?
Mike: They just made it really easy and its really cool to be out with these great bands.

PRP: Having been on tour for such time what annoying habits have you discovered of the other band members?
Mike: Jarrod is dirty and nasty, Steve is dirty and nasty, I'm dirty and nasty.
Phil: I'm clean and sparkling.
Mike: Jarrod always picks his nose and puts boogers everywhere and farts nasty and horrible.

PRP: What's the craziest thing you've seen on the road so far? You mentioned yesterday about the Alien Ant Farm tour.
Mike: Those guys are awesome, they were naked half the tour and we were like what the hell is going on here. We've seen some crazy stuff. We've seen Jarrod with an erect penis in his hand....not his own. He was passed out in his bunk with his hand out in the hallway so we paid somebody to do that to him. We have it on video.

PRP: With footage like that, what better reason to release a home video. Is that something you have thought about or is that a long way off?
Mike: I don't know. It would be cool to do. We have a ton of stuff if we want to or if we can can so maybe.

PRP: You'll be doing "Ricochet" for the upcoming Faith No More tribute album, would you say that Faith No More have been a big influence on you?
Phil: I got into Faith No More in the 7th grade when "The Real Thing" came out and everyone was saying this is the bomb and I was like it sounds o.k., but then I got the record and I was like "dude this shit is fucking tight". I think they are phenomenal band and experimented quite a bit. Trying something new all the time.
Mike: I think they were a big part in what Korn did. Korn totally changed so much but you can see where they started. Faith No More and Primus started this movement without knowing it.

PRP: Faith No More frontman Mike Patton has spoken out against the tribute, does this make you feel hesitant to do it at all?
Mike: It doesn't bother us, he's weird. He could have said we want The Pixies to do the whole thing.
Phil: If they can get approval for it then there's got to be something there. If they are going to do it then we are going to do it, I'm not going to step off of it just because... I'd love the opportunity to do this.

PRP: The band has recorded a few tracks acoustically yet for the most part they are unheard, is there any plans to ever release them?
Mike: We did a couple of songs acoustically for a couple of radio stations and it was pretty cool. We haven't even heard it yet. One of those could end up somewhere sometime.

PRP: Any last words, shoutouts or shameless self promotion?
Phil: Thanks for your support.
Mike: Wookubus is horrible

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