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Interview: Static-X

Questions Answered By Wayne Static (Vocalist/Guitarist).
Interviewed by Brian Webb

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PRP: The bands early years have been covered quite well, so lets start around the period where Koichi left. Do you think the fact that the latest material was written as a three piece drastically affected the direction of the new album?
Wayne Static: Had zero affect. No effect at all. All the songs on "Wisconsin Death Trip" were written without Koichi, he joined the band right before we got signed. The only thing he brought to the band was the keyboard element which we did not have before that. So the only thing it did was force us how to play keyboard for the new record.

PRP: Do you have any hard feelings about Koichi's decision? Recently you were quoted as saying you didn't miss him at all.
Wayne Static: Basically it was amicable. If I was to see the guy it would be "hey how you doing" but at the same time, we didn't really like the way he went about quitting. He wasn't very forthcoming, he blew us off for a while and that really hurt my feelings that he didn't have the respect for us as a band and friends, but the reason he's mot missed is more credit to Tripp than anything else. We were really worried when Koichi left as we were like "how are we going replace this guy?" - because he's really good. We are very lucky that Tripp came along. If he hadn't obviously we would be missing Koichi a lot more.

PRP: You've mentioned in recent press that you got to know Tripp while on the road with Dope last year. Now that you have spent some time on the road with him as the new guitarist, how are things working out?
Wayne Static: It feels totally natural and more of a band now than its ever been.

PRP: Rumors have been floating around recently that there's been some bad blood between Static-X and Dope as a result of Tripp joining the band, do you care to comment on the matter?
Wayne Static: If there is then it's in the Dope camp. We did not steal Tripp from Dope. He left Dope several weeks before we even spoke to him about being in the band. So I don't see how there could be any bad feelings.

PRP: It's been said that you guys have now shot videos for the tracks "Black And White" and "Permanence" as well as one for the current single "This Is Not". Will these other videos be shipped to MTV for upcoming single use and if so, what can we expect from them?
Wayne Static: No we did a video for "This Is Not" and "Black And White". The "Black And White" video is kinda different and will be the second single although we didn't spend a lot of money on it. To me videos are almost a waste of money. You spend more money making one video than the whole god damn record. We got really lucky that MTV in the states played "Push It" a lot and then we spent a lot of money on the next video and they never even played it. It's kinda something that you have to do in case someone wants to play it. Of course MTV2 is gonna play it and the cable shows.

PRP: The sound for the most part on the new album, seems a lot more raw and heavier, was their any direct inspiration or theme for the new material?
Wayne Static: We wanted to make it heavier because we figured we could and we toured with Pantera last year directly before we started recording so that kind of inspired us a little bit to go a little heavier. No real theme, it was all written on the road so I think lyrically it deals with that.

PRP: With just a matter of days till the album is released, do you find yourself nervous at all?
Wayne Static: No, not nervous. I don't expect to have a huge first week or anything like that. I think this record will do what the last one did, slow and steady and we'll tour and sell some records. I don't have any big expectations.

PRP: Do you think Tony is any less metal now that he has a shaven head?
Wayne Static: Hahaha, err I don't know, I don't think hair has that much to do with metal really. To me metal is more in your soul. It's an attitude.

PRP: Tony recently chipped your tooth on stage, how's the injury and what do you plan to do in retaliation?
Wayne Static: Haha I haven't figured out a good way to retaliate, I wouldn't feel right about breaking his tooth. It was an accident, so I cant hold him responsible really.

PRP: It's been noted that the upcoming DVD/VHS release has been delayed due to Sharon Osbourne stalling on signing off Ozzfest footage included on it. Has there been any progress made on this, can we expect it out any time soon?
Wayne Static: It was supposed to be out in March. I've given up on it and taking about it. I really don't know what's going to happen with it.

PRP: You've spoken highly of Deadsy and Die Section in recent press, is there any other up and coming bands you find yourself listening to a lot these days?
Wayne Static: We get demos every day and there's one band that gave us one song on our last U.S. tour. They are called Apolsai or something like that and its kinda funny. It reminds me if Yoda and the Cookie Monster were one being and singing for Coal Chamber. Its very Coal Chamber-ish, but its kinda cool, it's just one song I have and I brought it with me on tour, its really funny. I don't know if they are trying to be funny or not, but it is and I want to hear more from them.

PRP: Are there any tracks left over from the album sessions that didn't make it that we could expect to show up somewhere down the line?
Wayne Static: Yeah we did one extra track called "Anything But This" and we will use it for something. The reason we didn't put it on the record is because it didn't really fit, it's a little too metal. It would have been the heaviest song on the record but it just didn't fit.

PRP: Is your greatest fear running out of hair care products before a show?
Wayne Static: Yeah, that's happened to me before in Atlanta and I was walking around the city trying to find hair spray in drug stores and salons. It was terrible.

PRP: Rumors ran rampant that you were planning to cut your hair for this album, will that ever happen?
Wayne Static: Oh I had been thinking about it. All I knew is that I was really tired of dealing with it. Last year we were so burnt out and I was sick of everything, including my hair. After we went home I just let my hair grow and it got pretty long but I didn't like it so in the end I decided to go with the same hair do but a little shorter so its more manageable.

PRP: While shooting the Mephisto Odyssey video you wore a Batman styled suit. Did you ever secretly wish you could wear the grey and blue tights like Adam West? Was that like a childhood dream for you?
Wayne Static: Haha, well there was actually a period of my life when I did wear tights all the time so I guess I already lived that dream. Of course back in the 80's it was cool back then.

PRP: Allegations that you guys lip sync and play completely to dats have run rampant around the internet as of late, with some people even going as far to construct websites with what they claim as proof. Care to set the record straight?
Wayne Static: Well they've obviously never been to a Static-X show before. The only stuff that is on tape is the keyboards and the sequencing stuff. Other than that, what you see us playing and doing is what we are doing. I guess the lip sync thing is a credit to my vocal capabilities and our soundman hhaha.

PRP: Back around the late 80's / early 90's you apparently played in a band alongside Smashing Pumpkins mastermind Billy Corgan, was he as hard to work with then as his reputation suggests now?
Wayne Static: He's not hard to work with at all. He's a man who knows what he wants and gets what he wants and is very confident about it and people often mistake confidence for cockiness. To me he has earned the right to get whatever he wants.

PRP: Considering that Pantera and Slayer have been known to draw fans of older metal to their shows, do you have any fears about your slot on this summers Extreme Steel tour or do you look forward to the challenge?
Wayne Static: I think we fit in perfect with the tour. They have more older fans than we have, but we have many older fans as well from doing the Ozzfest and Megadeth tours. I see it as a very god fit. The three of us all have fans ranging from 12 years old to 50 years old.

PRP: The song "Shit In A Bag" is inspired by an experience on your last European tour, have you had to shit in a bag yet this tour?
Wayne Static: It was the first time we were in Europe at the Dynamo Festival. It was the only time I have had to do it and was in a dire emergency. I had no choice, my only other choice was to wade through the thousands of people and use some shit piled outhouse thing so I'd rather shit in a bag in privacy.
PRP: And how did you dispose of the bag?
Wayne Static: I threw it outside the bus next to Cradle Of Filth's bus, I thought they would appreciate it.

PRP: Are there any contemporary metal bands out there whom you respect or admire?
Wayne Static: Admire is a much stronger word than respect but I think Korn is awesome. Their last album to me is as good as the first. They are huge and they haven't sold out. They are a real band unlike someone like Limp Bizkit which is just crap.

PRP: Are there any plans yet as far as touring past the Extreme Steel Tour?
Wayne Static: We are looking to go to Japan and Australia at the end of August and will come back to Europe before Christmas. Our goal is to really tour Europe properly as we have not done yet.

PRP: So what's next for Static-X do you see yourself touring with this album for say the next two years?
Wayne Static: No we won't tour that long. I see ourselves probably touring till next summer and then start looking at another record or taking some time off, as we haven't really had any time off.

PRP: That's about it, any shoutouts or shameless self promotion?
Wayne Static: The new record, enjoy it and please buy it. That's all I'm promoting right now.

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