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Interview: Sepultura

Questions Answered By Andreas (Guitar) and Paulo (Bass).
Interviewed by Brian Webb

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PRP: How does it feel to be back in Europe with a new album to promote?
Paulo: Its pretty nice to come back here, crazy Europeans. Each country has their own identity.

PRP: How has the reaction to the new songs been whilst touring here in Europe and the recent U.S tour?
Andreas: Great especially "Sepulnation and "Border Wars". We play alot of new songs but also alot of old songs too.

PRP: Derrick has been learning to play guitar, how is he coming along and do you feel it hurts the live performance of the old stuff not having a constant second guitarist?
Paulo: He's coming on slow, he can play some songs, not only guitar but the baratone for a low end sound (cross between bass and guitar). It doesn't hurt becuase we dont try to reproduce the songs the same way that we did before, we just take a new approach and go with that. Messing around with different bass sounds and different arrangements to keep it as full as it gets.

PRP: Having wrote "Against" as a trio, it has been said that Derrick played a much greater role in the latest album. Just how involved was he and what effect has that had on the music?
Andreas: Well he was there since the beginning and you can hear the difference on the record, especially in that his voice has improved. He brought new elements that will make us go in different directions, we dont want to stay in the same place but instead we want to grow together.

PRP: "Against" was heavily criticised by the press and not fully embraced by the fans. In hindsight, how do you feel about that album?
Paulo: Definitely, I think the record is awesome for that time with the problems that we had and it had to be done to put an end to the situation. The pressure was on us to show that the band was still alive, like an end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

PRP: With "Nation:, many people feel that you have stepped up a level and finally done justice to yourselves since the departure of Max.
Paulo: "Against" was a pissed off album, we didnt only lose the singer but also the management so we had to rebuild everything and it was very difficult. Our music is very honest so that is how we felt at the time, really like an explosion, "fuck off everybody"

PRP: Is there a more positive vibe touring with this album?
Andreas: Definitely much happier now that people see us a band with Derrick. Getting to know Derrick better as a musician and on stage. It's gonna take years for it to get to a certain level.

PRP: Other than Brazil, where the new album is already enjoying gold status, in many countries it seems that your fan base has shrunk, how do you feel you can win back those fans?
Paulo: People are still digesting this new line up. In Brazil because we played Rock In Rio Festival infront of 250,000 people and the album came along right after so it was much better prepared. For others it is still something new to them and like you said this is a new direction we are forming as a band.

PRP: Many fans feel that the label arent supporting you as much as they should. In particular the fact that you arent getting a video.
Andreas: Yeah thats fucked up man, we arent happy. We need it becuase it is a new portrait and the people need to see the new line up and how it is. We are still fighting for it and we will get it!

PRP: How was it working with producer Steve Evetts? Was it a deliberate choice to get a more hardcore sound?
Andreas: We were originally only going to work with him for pre-production to work closely with Derrick but becuase of the way he identified himself with everybody we decided to keep him to produce the whole album. The ideas clicked, he's an awesome guy.

PRP: What current bands are you enjoying as of late?
Paulo: I like Deftones alot especially the "White Pony" album. They are creating something special, different to all that nu-metal shit that is going on.
Andreas: Refused, (International) Noise Conspiracy.

PRP: How do you feel about Brazillian bands in general? In particular, its been said that you play classical guitar on a new album by Infierno, a band which you also worked on a movie soundtrack with.
Andreas: I study classical so that is an influence. Infierno just released an album and that is great. Brazil is such a big counry that its really hard to see brazillian music as there is so much going on.

PRP: After this European tour what are your plans?
Paulo: We have this tour coming in September and October in Europe with Slayer and Pantera. It doesn't look like we are doing any American festival tours this summer.

PRP: Igor and Derrick are set to guest on the upcoming Biohazard album, has that song been recorded yet and if so can you tell us what to expect?
Andreas: Billy came to one of our shows and everybody did alot of stuff so who knows who's going to be on the album. The stuff I did was clean on the guitar and Igor did some percussion, Derrick, I dont even know what he did. It sounds good, the song that I play is heavy, like low tuning and stuff.

PRP: Andreas, what can you tell us about the status and future plans of your side project, Quarteto De Pinga?
Andreas: I dont really have anything on the side, it was more like a fun kind of thing. Just on the weekend we would play some songs and put a tape in.

PRP: That's about it, any shoutouts or shameless self promotion?
Andreas: Glad to be here in Europe with a new album and we cant wait to get back.

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