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Interview: Primer 55

Primer 55
Questions Answered By Bobby Burns (Guitars).
Interviewed by wookubus

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PRP: First off, lets discuss the new direction taken with the latest album. What do you think prompted the change?
Bobby: I guess you could say that it was just natural growth and evolution... It's us being honest with who we are.

PRP: Some of the more bitter people out there say that you guys only changed your sound because the popularity of the combination of rap and metal is waning. What would you like to say to those people?
Bobby: I never considered us to be a "rap metal" or a "new metal" band in the first place. It's all just rock and roll as far as I see... But what ever... What would I like to say to them? Well, if my dick was big enough, I'd let em' all suck it at the same time...

PRP: The sound of the new album definitely draws heavy influence from music of the late 70's, what do you think led you guys in such a direction?
Bobby: I just grew very, very sick of the whole music scene last year... All the plastic bands that were put together by record companies, etc. I didn't want to hear any of that music any longer... So I didn't... I went back to what was real to me and what made me feel good growing up... Sabbath, Zeppelin, and Kiss... Back then you could tell all those bands apart, and music of today just sounds like the same records made over and over with all the same guitar sounds and shit.

PRP: On "Introduction To Mayhem" there were quite a few guest appearances, yet on "(the) New Release" you guys have pretty much stuck to the basics, did you find it necessary to stand on your own this time around?
Bobby: Yea, kinda... But to me it was really that I didn't know if anyone would understand what we were doing this time around.

PRP: As a whole, the lyrical content of new album tends to be a lot more introspective and personal and less aggressive than the first, do you think this is a reflection of the groups maturity or have you guys just mellowed out a bit?
Bobby: We are not mellow by far... We have matured, but the thing is that our next record could be a death metal record if that's what we're feeling at that time.

PRP: Having now spent some time with the record, do you think "(the) New Release" is the strongest material Primer 55 have written to date?
Bobby: YES.

PRP: While touring in support of your last outing "Introduction To Mayhem", there was a seemingly endless string of line-up changes that continued even through the recording process of "(the) New Release". Did this degree of uncertainty weigh you down and is there any specific reason why you think the band went through so many changes?
Bobby: We just needed to find the right people for the situation... People that want to play music for the sake of playing music.

PRP: With the new line-up, do you feel this is the strongest incarnation of Primer 55 yet?
Bobby: YES!

PRP: Does anyone really care anymore about who exactly let the dogs out?
Bobby: I did at first... But then, I was like FUCK IT!

PRP: You performed the lead vocals on the track "Pills", do you see yourself heading in this direction more in the future?
Bobby: Maybe... With this album we just did what we felt like doing.

PRP: Former Helmet drummer John Stainer handled the drumming duties in the studio for the new album, how did this come about?
Bobby: Helmet is one of the best bands ever! And John is one of my best friends in the world now... I just got the nuts up to call him and ask him if he wanted to do it, and he did. He ended up coming down to my house and staying with me for a few weeks, working out parts and just playing together. He's one of the best drummers ever.

PRP: It is understood that you are also working on a new side-project with John, dubbed Killer In The Workplace. Has there been any progress made with material for this project lately?
Bobby: No, John has been doing the Tomahawk project with Mike Patton of Faith No More and I've been busy on tour with P55.... We'll get our heads out of our asses someday.

PRP: Although its not widely known, you have played the bulk of instruments and handled a large portion of the production duties on the bands albums, what do you think motivates you to take on such a large workload?
Bobby: I get a vision when I first start to write a record and I just need to follow through with it.

PRP: Speaking of producing, you also recently hit the studio doing production and guesting on Point Of Anger's upcoming new CD. How was that experience for you and do you hope to get more into producing other bands in the future?
Bobby: I've been getting asked to do a lot of that kind of stuff as of late, but I just don't have the time right now... Maybe in the future. I just got a band signed from Phoenix, AZ called Torque PHX. There getting ready to record a record for Scrap 60 Productions.

PRP: Aside from producing, you've also kept your downtime from Primer 55 quite full as well as you and Jason both showed up on Dry Kill Logic's debut "The Darker Side Of Nonsense". How did that come about?
Bobby: It came about when we started recording our last record. Eddie Wohl was just finishing up their record and they asked if we would jam on it, It's a great record.

PRP: A deaf bear farts in the forest, does it make a sound?
Bobby: Only if you're standing beside it.

PRP: "(the) New Release" debuted on the Billboard Top 200 and sold 15,000 copies in its first week, a very impressive feat without much mainstream media support. How did this feel and what was your reaction when you heard the news?
Bobby: It was really cool. I wasn't expecting that kind of a response at all, but I was very pleased.

PRP: Its been said that you guys were working on a video for your latest single "This Life", did this ever come to fruition?
Bobby: Nope. I have no idea what's going on with our label...

PRP: Has there been any plans made yet as to what song you will follow it up with?
Bobby: "Texas" gets my vote.

PRP: An interesting thing about Primer 55 is how close you personally keep to your fans through the internet, especially with the "Ask Primer 55" section on your official website. Do you enjoy the instant interaction with your audience that the internet brings?
Bobby: Yea, I care a great deal about our fans and what they have to say. I work my ass off all day long for this band and I know for a fact that there are not a lot of band members that would take that kind of time out of their days. I love the internet, it's my life-line to our people.

PRP: Which sweater did you think Mr. Rogers looked better in, the yellow one or the beige one?
Bobby: The beige one brought his eyes out a little more than the yellow one did... Haha!

PRP: Of the current crop of heavier bands out there right now, which bands would you say you respect the most?
Bobby: I respect everyone that is doing what they love doing. That sounds good, huh?

PRP: You've been doing some headlining dates lately, what's next for Primer 55 in the near future?
Bobby: More headlining I guess, at least for the rest of the year. Most bands are afraid to take us out I think.

PRP: Well, that's about it, any shoutouts, fuck you's or shameless self promotion?
Bobby: Thanks wookubus, My shoutout is too the PRP and I have no fuck you's to send today.. My shameless self promotion is that I'm thinking of starting a line of wookubus beanie babies... Made out of stuff that kids can get choked on, and oh yea, buy our fucking record.

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