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Interview: Linea 77

Linea 77
Questions answered by:
Emo (vocals) and Dade (bass)
Interviewed by Brian Webb

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PRP: How was Linea 77 formed and what changes have come about up to this point?
Dade: I think that we have come to the right lineup. At one time we had another guy but I think now this lineup will not change. Musically with "Ketchup Suicide" we have tried to make some new stuff in our sound and maybe make more melodies than "Too Much Happiness.....". "Too much happiness" I think is more of an impact album. The new album was more studied and thought out and I think it is more complete.
Emo: Our style with Ketchup Suicide is more difficult as you have to listen to the album many times. With "Too Much Happiness" it was a lot more simple.

PRP: Ketchup Suicide is quite a bizarre title. Is there any meaning behind it?
Emo: Its an ironic title. Its about the struggle between two people and stupid things happen. Its like "I don't want to play at this game, I will die in a ketchup suicide" - but its not a real death, its only a joke as we will not die with our blood but with ketchup.

PRP: How did Earache Records come to discover and then sign you?
Dade: They listened to our "Too Much Happiness...." CD as first it was released on a small Italian label, Collapse Records. Our manager sends them a  package and they love it and propose us a contract.

PRP: Other than Italy, what other places do you enjoy playing?
Dade: Our dream is to play the United States but now I think the best place is Italy, not just because we are Italian, but also there are a lot of people at our gigs. The best show was Beach Bum Festival in Italy, where we played with Helmet and Dog Eat Dog. We just love to play whether it be China or Russia. We want to do what we do in Italy and convert that  everywhere else.
PRP: Do you think you will tour America in the near future?
Dade: Yeah I think so. We have received some good reviews from American webzines and also Earache has a base in America and we will arrange something for the summer. I think only the west coast. Its very expensive but we have a lot of contacts with great local bands so I think we can get the crowds.

PRP: How would you describe your sound to a man wearing nothing but a cloak and a sly grin?
Dade: Hahaha. Can we have an hour to think about that. I think we are more hardcore than nu-metal. We don't like to label our own music but if we had to we would say hardcore and nothing more. We listen to a lot of different music. We don't normally listen to the music we actually play. We grew up with stuff like Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, the Cure, the Clash, those kind of bands. Now I listen to some bands but they don't influence me, I just like it. Deftones, At The Drive-In, Glassjaw. I don't think they influence me, the only name I could say is Rage Against The Machine.

PRP: What can fans expect of the live show?
Dade: I think more aggression, more energy. We grew up playing live since 1993, we love it and enjoy having a good relationship with the crowd.

PRP: How do you feel about bands like Papa Roach and Linkin Park making such a huge impact on the scene?
Dade: I think now, nu-metal is pop and nothing more. Nu-metal is really fashionable now, its good for them. They are American and they can do it. If you are Italian you can't do it. Also bands from England face the same problem.

PRP: Other than Pavarotti, what Italian bands should we be checking out?
Dade: If they are still around, Hanging On A Thread and nothing more.
Emo: We are friends with a lot of people but so far as music we would just say Hanging On A Thread. 

PRP: You sing in both Italian and English on the new album. Which do you prefer?
Emo: Its really different because our knowledge of the English language is very different from Italian. When me and the other singer write lyrics in Italian we study the words because we want not only good words but the word must sound a certain way. To do this in the English language it is a little more difficult because sometimes I would like to know more words.
PRP: What kind of topics do you sing about?
Emo: The meanings are personal, we are not a political band. We sing about us and not our generation. It's impossible for me to write stuff about that. I write about what I feel. Music is inspiration, its heart.

PRP: That's about all we have time for, any last words or shoutouts?
Dade: Just listen to music, support us if you are Italian and without piercing or tattoo. 

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