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Interview: (hed) P.E.

Interview with BC (Drums).
Interviewed by Brian Webb

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PRP: How have European audiences taken to you, and do the crowds attitudes and behavior to songs differ from that of America?
BC: So far so good, every show up till now has been great. Malmo, Sweden I'm not sure people had heard of us but everywhere else great. The crowds are just as excited as the American crowds, just not as loud in between songs, they jump up and down as much but there's more clapping than screaming.

PRP: Its been over three years since you last came to the U.K., how do you feel about the upcoming U.K. headline shows which will be some of your biggest headlining shows to date?
BC: For sure, we are stepping way up here, from the Barfly in 98 to the club we will soon be playing here in London. The buzz is good over here.

PRP: With the new single "Killing Time" set to be the first single from the upcoming "3,000 Miles To Graceland", a movie which stars Kevin Costner, does anyone in the band feel the urge to watch Waterworld daily?
BC: Err I don't think so.
PRP: Have you seen the film yet?
BC:  A couple of the guys have seen it and said its a phenomenal movie and that's why its exciting to be a part of it and the director of the movie also directed are video, so its cool seeing how he does things and how movies are created behind the scenes.

PRP: In your recent video shoot for the track "Killing Time", DJ Product was cast as a homeless guy, how many hours of make-up did he have to undergo to be able to convincingly play this part?
BC: Actually, he didn't change his clothes or anything, we just laid him  in a pile of trash and he fit the part.

PRP: The video for "Killing Time" sees band members playing various roles, can you tell us more about it and has any member considered going into the acting world?
BC: If Damien said "BC, you wanna come act in a movie?" - I'd say hell yeah! I don't know if he would though or if our acting skills are that good but we shit a little acting in the video, but hell yeah I'd act in a video, shit, why not. Jahred is a witch doctor and he's watching us. Wes is driving this old caddie and picks us up and takes us to the desert where we form this band and play in the middle of the desert with fire around us, burning pyramids and such. When you film a video you're never quite sure how its going to turn out. I haven't seen it yet, we are supposed to see it any day now.

PRP: Despite some good radio play with the track "Bartender", album sales of "Broke" still haven't taken off too rapidly. Is there any frustration setting in yet considering you guys have worked so long and still haven't achieved huge mainstream success?
BC: Yeah there's always a little frustration with that but what I say is its definitely selling four times better than the last record and if the next record sells four times more than this one, that means we keep building. Sometimes the frustration is there but not for very long as I can put myself in check and say hey, I'm touring the world, meeting a lot of cool people and making a living playing drums. I don't think (hed)'s going away anytime in the next four or five years so I guess I can make a long career out of it.

PRP: Some fans criticize your latest album for not being as dark as your self titled effort, do you have any comments about that?
BC: Bye bye those fans, we are not going to stay the same. If you don't like it I don't know what to tell you. Do they want us to make the same record over and over? We are just going to make music and do our thing and appreciate the fans we have. If your fickle, then whatever.

PRP: With "Killing Time" beginning to impact at radio, have you guys thought about which track you will follow it up with yet?
BC: That's kind of up to the people that run the show, the record label. They could do "Killing Time" and if it doesn't do anything they could say go record another record. Or they could do "The Meadow", "I Got You", "Jesus". Who knows.

PRP: Many fans feel that you guys have basically created the perfect blend of rap and rock, is it hard to live up to such acclaim?
BC: We just make the music that comes out of the six individuals, that's a nice comment because I do think we do it well. I'm not saying we do it better than everyone else. We do (hed) p.e. style.

PRP: During the recording process for "Broke" you recorded a song with Sergio from Puya. Although it ultimately didn't make the album, what was the name of it and can we expect to see it as a b-side some time down the line perhaps?
BC: That was going to be the extra song on the record "Bad Dream", that you can only get if you put the CD in your computer. He sang the intro and why it got taken out of the song I have no clue. What he did was killer. Sergio's a badass vocalist and Puya is one of my favorite bands.

PRP: DJ Product recently did some guest work for Sepultura, did he give the track a (hed) feel?
BC: Sepultura's record label rushed him down there and they wanted it done in half a day including set up, so from what I hear he didn't have time to do a whole lot and what he did do, didn't come out too well.

PRP: Given the choice who would you most like to collaborate with - Phil Collins or Elton John?
BC: Elton John, he's a way more talented song writer. Phil Collins, what he did in the day is cool but he doesn't have the worldwide respect Elton John has, because Elton John is Elton John.

PRP: The band, especially you seem to enjoy go-karting quite a bit, what's the worst wipeout any member of the band has had?
BC: Jahred, DJ Product, they never do it. Wes occasionally. Mawk very Occasionally, Chad Occasionally. None of them really had any wrecks and I haven't really had any but me and Jerry (Papa Roach) got in a little spin out the other night and Jerms our drum tech tried to avoid us and drove into the barrier and buried him and his Kart underneath all the tires.
PRP: When you see your tour dates do you check out if a go-kart track is near by?
BC: Every city, so if anyone reads this on the Pimp Rock Palace, if we are coming to your town take us where you got to wear a helmet and the Karts go like 40 and its the real deal.

PRP: While some bands would be crippled by the occurrence of a drug bust, you guys have seemingly taken it in stride. Do you have any comments about the situation?
BC: It wasn't that big a deal. Jahred had some greenery sent out and the cops gave him a fine. I guess they could have federally prosecuted him. We shouldn't be taking those chances.

PRP: Has Jahred curbed his marijuana usage or has it made him more discreet?
BC: I don't think so haha.

PRP: Now for a wook styled question. If a large cat stole your mittens, would you try to get them back?
BC: Don't ask stupid questions faggot.

PRP: With around 5-6 years of solid touring under your belt, do you have any plans to ever release a home video anytime soon?
BC: We got a video camera with us now, we are getting a lot of cool footage on this tour so I guess that could be used for a home video. Lots of funny stuff.

PRP: On the promo versions of "Broke", the track "Killing Time" featured the lyric "I'ma kill that vagina", while the final album was edited to "Creep up inside ya", was the change made to be politically correct or something?
BC: It was a label decision and even Jahred decided to change that, he didn't like it after all. Some people might take that wrong. Some women might get offended and it shouldn't be that way as everyone in the band loves women. In the rock world you are criticized a little more for that, in the hip-hop world you could say that and it would be hip-hop.

PRP: You guys have a reputation for indulging in the rock n roll lifestyle while on the road, are you as bad as people make you out to be?
BC: We've calmed down a little bit. When we first got on the road we had a lot of drugs and alcohol. Its more focused round the show now, there's still some partying going on definitely. Just depends on the atmosphere.

PRP: Is there any particular reason why Chad wore some weird type of dress while on Tattoo The Earth?
BC: It wasn't a dress. It was like a hospital gown and he was dressed up like a mental patient. Chad likes to do stuff like that.

PRP: If you had a crush on someone in the band, which member would it would be?
BC: Don't ask stupid questions faggot.

PRP: Do any of you actively check any websites on the internet for news and such or is it mainly to keep in touch with fans?
BC: I try to as much as possible. Sometimes I get a little tired of going on the internet and then two weeks later I'm back on. Here in Europe its a little harder to get on the internet as I can't sit in my hotel room and do it, but yeah I love reading about news on the band at sites like PRP and finding out what people are saying about us.

PRP: While on tour with P.O.D. and Project 86, the Christian audiences didn't take too well to you guys, how would you describe that touring experience?
BC: The P.O.D. tour was cool for the fact we were on tour with P.O.D. as we like those guys. As far as I know even they were bummed out by some of the fans that turned up to their show. Christians want everyone to be like them and if you're not, they will judge you. That pushes me away from Christianity even more, having grown up in a Christian family. On stage they would boo us and shout JESUS JESUS! in between our songs. I'm like if Jesus is watching this, is that what he wants you to do to us? We aren't doing any harm to people. I guess Jesus wants those Christian people to make us feel like shit, and that's what they did. I never ever want to tour with a Christian band again.

PRP: Being on tour for such a length of time, what do you do to keep yourself entertained during the day?
BC: I like to see the places we are going, check out go-kart tracks and just stay busy.

PRP: Any plans to tour other parts of the world. i.e Australia and Japan
BC: Hopefully, I hear maybe in April this year.

PRP: That's all for now, any shoutouts or shameless self promotion?
BC: and Pimp Rock palace. Gotta love wook for sitting in his house and staying online. He hangs out with chicks, but its on his computer.

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