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Interview: Candiria

Questins Answered By Carley Coma (Vocals).
January 31st, 2002
Interviewed by Brian Webb

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PRP: Things have gone well in the Candiria camp in recent times. How are you guys enjoying your recent successes?
Carley: I feel that it's well deserved, we put a lot of hard work in over the years. We've been together 9/10 years and touring for about 5 years and have 4 albums out so that's well deserved. We're getting older so the time is definitely right.

PRP: You've been touring quite steady since your latest albums release early last year. With the recent move to a big name booking agent, will we possibly be seeing you guys land some bigger tours in the coming months?
Carley: Definitely, we are with the same agency that book Slipknot, Disturbed, Creed, Pink Floyd and I think Drowning Pool as well. We have the head people wanting to book us so definitely in the near future you're going to see Candiria on festivals and touring with bigger bands. I'm excited about that because we get to play in front of new people and get it out to people who otherwise listen to different genres of music.

PRP: How do you feel you'll adapt to playing the bigger venues?
Carley: We can adapt to anything, in fact, the biggest show that we played was Japan recently with Pantera, Slayer, Biohazard and there was 10,000 people in a big arena and that felt like any other normal show. Don't get me wrong, it felt great but a show is a show.

PRP: Many bands who have spawned out of the more hardcore styled scenes have experienced a lot of blowback from their early supporters when they've moved onto bigger tours with artists from outside the scene. Do you find that this is a problem for you guys?
Carley: Candiria fans are more open minded and we never said straight up that we were a hardcore band or metal band. We never said anything like that, we are just a band that wants to fulfil things and play in front of as many people as possible but I will say the hardcore scene is definitely where my heart is at because they got us to where we were and the kids are just so passionate about their music and about their dancing and we will always be playing with hardcore bands. Right now we are playing with metal bands but like I said we aren't the ones booking our shows. Once we do our own headlining tour you better believe we are taking out hardcore bands like Poison The Well or whoever, you know what I mean? That's where we came from and we will never forget that because Candiria has a hardcore vibe; the way we dress, the way we act. Even though we play different types of music there's a hardcore background in us.

PRP: In recent times you've earned a large share of coverage from more mainstream press. How does it feel to be one of the select few bands from the more underground scene to be spoken of so highly?
Carley: I feel privileged because it means that as extreme as our music is people can still appreciate it and I want that to motivate other bands in that you don't have to make yourself sound like a bubble gum commercial type of band to get the recognition you want or deserve and to have a big fan base. Look at Tool, that's a band I have tremendous respect for, they did it their way and they are still big.

PRP: Some fans found that the progression of your vocals from the more death metal styled tones to a gruff, more metallic demeanour on the latest album a bit disheartening, as there any reason for such a direction or is that just how you evolved?
Carley: That's just how I evolved. It's one of those things. Every album has a different vocal style on it, don't be surprised if you hear Candiria do an opera album. If that's what I feel I want to do I'm going do it because it's an evolution. I'm 27 years old now and I'm going be 28 and 29 after that, it's a progression, and for me to be a human being and not evolve I feel like I'm doing myself a terrible injustice and my fans as well because by us changing that's me showing to our fans that you have to constantly evolve mentally by pushing and challenging yourself. I feel more comfortable with that, I'm not really into doing the death metal vocals anymore.

PRP: The latest album made a fairly prevalent introduction of programming into the fray, is this something we will being seeing more of on future Candiria efforts?
Carley: We always did stuff like that, that's just the first time we ever put it on album. First of all let me tell you the reason why we did it, because our music isn't predictable so we don't want to be predictable. Every album pretty much had a jazz song so people probably said alright here's a Candiria album and were expecting to hear the jazz songs and we deliberately put a drum and bass song on there as we don't want to be predictable. We've been doing drum n' bass for years, that song right there Ken wrote on his keyboard live, he had to play the keys and hold down the notes, it wasn't programmed but now yes we are writing stuff on our laptops and we are putting out a drum n bass album and also a hip hop album with a compilation of different rappers. The music on the hip hop album will be music I wrote on my laptop but Ken's still going to put live drums on there. You never know where we are going to go, we just go with it.

PRP: With many bands out there combining rap and rock, you've always tended to keep the two fairly separated, preferring to instead intertwine jazz and funk into metal more so than rap. Do you have any plans to perhaps mix the two more directly in the future?
Carley: I feel that we've already done that on our latest album. With the song, "Without Water", its got a real hip hop beat mixed with the guitars and stuff like that and in the future that is going to happen more but it's something natural that we've already done before but in the future we are going to do it even more.

PRP: There's been a lot of talk lately that with the hardcore and metalcore scenes now starting to garner attention from labels such as Hatebreed signing to Universal and what not, that the scenes integrity will possibly be compromised and that hardcore may simply be viewed as the next trend. Do you have any thoughts on where the scene is headed?
Carley: That scares me but at the same time it doesn't. I think whenever anything gets that big, expect some integrity to be lost, not from the music but from the people who don't understand how it's supposed to be and the whole unity thing. You look at some big bands now and you look at the mosh pit and you see a lot of fucking idiots who think that you're supposed to deliberately go there to start a fight instead of dancing, and that's what I notice at Ozzfest where you get the college kids who are there to punch people out. Yeah sometimes in hardcore you get the occasional fight but it's mainly just dancing and having a good time. I'm scared that people will think it's one big violent thing and that's how it's supposed to be. At the same time I feel music should reach out to as many people as possible, this way people realise what real raw music is supposed to sound like and not this commercial crap that's out there now. I just hope nothing gets watered down, as long as the bands still have the integrity that will be cool.

PRP: The "Without Water" video will begin airing fairly soon, what can we expect from it?
Carley: The video is pretty cool. It was done by this guy named Bill Yukich who did Marilyn Manson "Dope Show", Deftones "Back To School" and some stuff for A Perfect Circle. Basically it's some real cool editing stuff, live performance mixed with some silhouette shots.

PRP: Are there any plans to follow it up with another track if it goes over well?
Carley: Century Media is a real great label and they are helping us out a lot but I think this will be the only video we will get from them. On another label we may have put 1 or 2 singles out.

PRP: Your rendition of a lesser known track like "Deep Cover" on the "Too Legit For The Pit" compilation was executed well. Did the band personally choose the track and are there any plans for any other covers in the future?
Carley: Yeah I personally chose that song. We plan on doing another cover to have on our re-release of "Beyond Reasonable Doubt" and so we are doing a cover of "Bring The Pain" by Method Man with us doing a Candiria version and a drum and bass version.

PRP: Though you guys rarely play your more hip hop oriented material live, is there any chance of perhaps assembling the crew of rappers who have appeared on your records and embarking on a tour focusing on the hip hop side of things? Maybe even like the hip hop based side project album you mentioned or something along those lines in the future?
Carley: The only reason we haven't been able to do things like that is because of budgeting, once we get bigger we will definitely have people coming out playing horns for us like we do in New York. For now we have effects processors that emulate the sounds we have on the album. In fact I was only thinking about it today regarding getting the hip hop crew on the road. We have actually started working on this project with two singles coming out which will be linked with the "Beyond Reasonable Doubt", re-release which will come out on our own label, C.O.M.A. Imprint. It's going to be 2 disc, 1 disc being re-mixed "Beyond Reasonable Doubt" and the other will be all the side projects that we haven't put out.
PRP: To what extent has the re-release been re-mixed and what was the thought process behind re-releasing this particular effort?
Carley: This is the only album we were able to get from our old labels, everything else is still held. With, "Beyond Reasonable Doubt", we felt that the guitars weren't mixed so well so we re-did that and we took off songs that we felt were weaker like the hip hop song which we put on the remix along with Method Man's "Bring The Pain". Basically we completely re-did the hip hop and jazz stuff on it and are looking at a May release date.

PRP: The Ghosts Of The Canal side project saw a very limited release in 1999, though its rumored that it will be seeing a more proper release sometime this year. Are there any firm plans to put it out again and also, with the time that has passed since its release, is there any plans for a follow up in the works?
Carley: That's being re-released on our label as well and their will be a new Ghosts Of The Canal album too. So there's going to be a lot of Candiria stuff coming out from us in the near future.

PRP: The bands website is constantly kept up to date and is also surprisingly quite interactive with a wealth of unique features being implemented all the time. Do you enjoy keeping such a detailed website and being so accessible to your fans through the internet?
Carley: I think that's one of the most important aspects of being in a band, you have to keep in touch with your fans. We want feedback and how they feel about what we've been doing, I guess they are family, they are the reason why we are where we are so if we shut them out it would only hurt the band. It's a serious love affair because of you guys we are getting to the next level.

PRP: The internet has become quite a viable and informative source of information lately, especially with more underground bands. Do you guys ever visit many of the websites out there to keep up to date with what's going on?
Carley: I go to and other band websites like System Of A Down's to see how their websites are being designed and also government website to keep on top of politics and shit like that. I don't go on porno sites though haha.

PRP: Your track recently showed up in the high profile movie, "The Mothman Prophecies". This seems like somewhat of an odd pairing being that such movies usually only select larger name artists. How did this all come about and are you proud of such an achievement?
Carley: Basically the people that gave us the funding for our new label represent Richard Gere and put out films like "Runaway Bride" and "The Gift" and have Warner Brothers distribution as well so that's how we got onto that movie and because of them they will help us get to the next level so expect a lot of Candiria songs in movies. 10 million people are expected to watch that film in theaters and 25 million to rent it.

PRP: What can we expect from the next album in terms of sound?
Carley: Well we are going to tour this album to the end of 2002 so expect a new album around March 2003 or something like that. Anything could happen to the next albums style between now and then, for example I've caught a severe dub music addiction since being out in the U.K..

PRP: Finally, are their any bands you think we should be hearing right now?
Carley: Poison The Well I think are gonna be a big band, Isis, E-Town Concrete. That's all and thank you for the interview and support.

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