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Interview: Alien Ant Farm

Alien Ant Farm
Questions Answered By Dryden (Vocals), Mike (Drums), Tye (Bass), Terry (Guitar) .
Interviewed by Brian Webb

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PRP: Your career was boosted greatly by Papa Roach and the pact that you made with them to help eachother out, if Alien Ant Farm are thrust into stardom and you're put in the same position, would there be any specific unsigned bands that you would try and help out?
Mike: There's a band back home called Kenochamp (, they are really really good.

PRP: After having spent a considerable amount of time on the road alongside Papa Roach, there surely must have been some great pranks pulled. Is there any that come brightly to mind?
Mike: The last night of our U.S. tour we thought that they would come hard at us, they were messing with us all week saying you better watch out. So we were prepared, we came out with all white on, becuase they wear black obviously, and did alot of stuff that they say in between songs with Dryden mimicing them but when we were playing they didn't really do anything to us, they just stood out there and we were like what!? So when they came out we greased Dave's stick and threw powder egg bombs.
Dryden: They put icey hot, the stuff you put on your muscles, all over the microphone and my mouth was like all fucking hot.
Terry: Taproot fucked us up, they came out dressed like us.

PRP: I interviewed Taproot awhile back and they mentioned that you guys were one of the craziest bands and that you spent half the time naked. Care to comment?
Mike: Yeah we had a lot of fun with those guys.

PRP: You have a new song "Good (For a Woman)" on the upcoming American Pie 2 Soundtrack. What can we expect from this track?
Mike: It's a brand new song. They wanted a party song. The song wouldn't have been written had they not asked for it. We pretty much wrote it in the back of our bus on the way home. Its groovin, melodic and theres harmonies in it, its rock, it is what it is. Its a good song.
PRP: Have you ever made love to a pie?
Terry: I think Dryden made love to a fire cracker.
Dryden: I made love to a man shhhhhh

PRP: With your 'Greatest Hits' and your 'Anthology' taken care of, shouldn't you guys be broken up already?
Mike: Yeah we are coming back on the reunion tour.

PRP: With the band constantly showing its lighter side, is there any worries that you won't be taken seriously?
Dryden: The songs are pretty serious, its not like anything too heavy but if someone want to listen to the music and be serious about it they can do that, and if they want to watch us live and have fun they can do that too.
Mike: I don't think theres really any threat. I think the music speaks for itself so far as how serious we are about our art and our craft.
Dryden: If we are joking around too much live they can just close their eyes and listen to the music and then we will be serious again.
Mike: Some people write in and say that they hate us for trying to be funny or clowning around too much.
Terry: We aren't trying nothing, we are funny.

PRP: One of Dryden's favorite hobbies is said to be downloading porn, can you confirm this?
Dryden: Yeah, little five year old guys. It was like a joke, I dont even know how to get on the internet.

PRP: For a long period of time, you had a lot of trouble securing a deal, due to labels pretty much ignoring you left and right, yet the first single managed to create created quite a buzz. Did it feel like the perfect way to thumb your nose at those who passed on you?
Tye: Yeah it was pretty instant gratification.
Dryden: A classy revenge type of thing.
Terry: I absolutely ate it up to have friends of mine in the industry come back and tell me how they ran into people that turned us down and how they ate their words.

PRP: You recently shot a video for your cover of Micheal Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" and it apparently involves backyard wrestling. Will the classic quarter toss into the jukebox from Micheal's video be re-created in yours?
Terry: Our video is paying tribute to Michael Jackson in white trash trailor park kind of way. We wanted to do the coin flick but instead of landing in a jukebox it was going to land in some guys asscrack, preferably David from Papa Roach.

PRP: Did you ever beat the video game, Micheal Jackson's "Moonwalker"?
Mike: I was just going to ask that right now, Crazy!
Terry: I used to play it, when you put the quarter in he would be like "OW!". It was bad!
Dryden: It was moonwalker it wasn't BAD. hahaha

PRP: Though you guys don't seem to be directly banking on it, are you worried about becoming popular off of a cover? Many current bands have done the same and lost a substantial amount of credibility as a result.
Dryden: Those people can go suck a wanker. It's a fun song we have done it for years.
Terry: We have the songs to back it up. It's a cool song that we enjoy doing, it was justa great song and everyone went apeshit for it. We didnt even think for a second about it that way.
Mike: It's not like we are banking on it because obviously we stood nothing to gain from having it on the indie album. We back the fact that we do it. If people think that way then they think that way. We have the repertoire and show to back it up.

PRP: Has any decision been made as to what song you will follow it up with?
Dryden: It will be something heavy like 'Courage' or 'Sticks and Stones'.

PRP: While independent, you guys used the internet quite a bit to get your name out. Do you still actively indulge in the online scene at all?
Dryden: We try but we are travelling so much that its hard.
Mike: Its hard to get online, Dryden just got a computer though.

PRP: With interest in the band continually growing, is there any plans to re-release your independent effort, "Greatest Hits"?
Mike: I would like to later on maybe if the fans want to buy it. Maybe just on the web site or something.
Dryden: I'd like to resing it becuase i souind like a fucking moron on it.
Terry: But we also have hopes to maybe even resurface some of the songs on that album for our second major release.
Dryden: 'These Days' could be a hit song. Alot of those songs deserve a chance to go.
Mike: I would like to play some of those songs again too.
Terry: Alot of bands are like "oh well thats old, thats in the past." We are like that too but some of those songs are really cool and have personality and class and deserve to re-done properly and out there.

PRP: Will there ever be peace in the middle east?
Terry: No there wont.
Mike: Not as long as they are so crazy about God.
Dryden: If they would just believe that aliens put us here like an alien ant farm then there would be no fuckin war.

PRP: On a less serious note, have you ever wanted to ride on an Ant's back like the scene from the film 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids'
ALL: YEAAAh that would be cool
Mike: With all the big lego.
Terry: But then the ant got killed didnt it.
Mike: He really fought for them though.
Dryden: I would rather have an aunt lick my asshole, not an ant like an insect but some guys moms sister.

PRP: You'll be heading out on the Warped Tour soon, are there any bands you're looking forward to playing with?
All: 311
Tye: Jimmy Ate World
Mike: We thought Weezer were gonna be on it but they pulled off. Luckily we got to play some radio shows with them before we came out here though.
PRP: How was it playing with Tool last night?
Mike: Yeah in Paris, we got to meet them and all that. It was a big thrill.

PRP: Do you worry that the crowds who are generally more inclined to punk, might not take to you guys too well?
Tye: Theres 30,000 or more people every night and theres not that many punkers out there.
Dryden: Thats a good point.
Tye: I would say there's probably a good 5 percent of the crowd who are punk, the rest are normal people who would be at ozzfest or any other show. It's an occasion.

PRP: Thats about it, ant last words?
Mike: Thanks for the interview and all the support you gave whilst were indie.

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