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Serart March 10th 2003
Serj Tankian discusses Serart, musicianship, producing and being a label head.

System Of A Down March 27th 2002
System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan speaks on the bands success, side projects and more.

dredg February 02nd 2002
Gavin and Dino of dredg sit down and talk about their upcoming major label debut, the recording process, falafel's and more.

Candiria January 31st 2002
Candiria frontman Carley Coma takes the time to talk about the bands present and future, their new imprint label, their upcoming releases and a whole lot more.

Unfashion January 25th 2002
Unfashion's members David and Fabio shed some light regarding their past, present and future.

Chimaira October 08th 2001
Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter weighs in on touring, their Roadrunner/Island/Def Jam debut "Pass Out Of Existence" and Mariah Carey.

Primer 55 August 23rd 2001
Primer 55 guitarist Bobby Burns sits down to explain the direction of their latest outing "(the) New Release", the status of his side project with former Helmet drummer John Stainer, and various other things happening in the P55 world.

Phallucy August 23rd 2001
A band featuring Abe Cunnignham of the Deftones is bound to provoke interest. The fact that they are choosing to release a record they first penned nearly a decade ago adds to this intriguing story as we get the scoop on the band Abe was in prior to deftones and why now they choose to release a debut that originally never saw the light of day.

Machine Head August 16th 2001
On the verge of releasing their fourth album "Supercharger" we talk to Guitarist Ahrue about the direction of the new album and the criticism aimed at the previous record, "The Burning Red" as well as the N-Sync comparison.

Piston Honda July 09th 2001
One of Memphis' finest unsigned bands, Piston Honda, share some info about their past, their music, and their unconditional love for leather pants.

Skindred June 19th 2001
From the ashes of Dub War comes Skindred, an interesting group who fuse ragga, metal and dancehall together in a unique way. We sit down with them to talk about their forthcoming RCA debut, touring and the history and future of the band.

God Forbid June 17th 2001
Hot on the heels of the release of their Century Media debut, "Determination", God Forbid take time out from touring across the globe to discuss the state of heavy music, touring, new material and E.T. amongst other things.

Dry Kill Logic June 12th 2001
Dry Kill Logic frontman Cliff Rigano sheds some light on the darker side of Dry Kill Logic.

Alien Ant Farm June 06th 2001
After tunneling across America and Europe, Alien Ant Farm sit down to discuss, life, nudity and music.

Speak No Evil May 25th 2001
With a new release scheduled for July, Speak No Evil share some information about their current situation, as well as comment on the heavier direction their new music has taken.

Static-X May 18th 2001
With the imminent release of Static-X's second album "Machine" we spoke to band frontman Wayne Static about the departure of guitarist Koichi and his replacement Tripp. Also discussed were the lip syncing allegations and the heinous act of shitting in bags.

Sepultura May 09th 2001
With the release of "Nation" Sepultura finally put rest to their past legacy. We caught up with them in London to discuss the bands present outlook.

Eighth Ground May 09th 2001
Past Band Of The Month at The PRP, Eighth Ground guitarist Jason Roberts discusses the bands past, present and future in a frank interview.

Vision Of Disorder April 18th 2001
Vision Of Disorder guitarist Matt Baumbach elaborates on the groups new album "From Bliss To Devastation", its influences, being big brothers in the Long Island scene and his favorite Care Bear, plus much much more.

Ill Nino March 28th 2001
Ill Nino's drummer Dave Chavarri sheds some light regarding the band's past, as well as commenting about working with Ron St. Germain and their upcoming album, "Revolution Revolucion".

Taproot March 27th 2001
On the day of their first headline show in months, defweb finally got around to interviewing Mike and Phil of Taproot. After successful tours with Deftones and Linkin Park it was our task to find out about life on the road, new material, the Faith No More Tribute album, erect penises and interviews with faulty equipment.

Deftones March 24th 2001
On the day of Deftones biggest ever U.K. headlining show at the London Arena, defweb spoke to Abe about life after White Pony, his old band Phallucy and why they are touring with Godsmack this summer.

Earthtone9 March 16th 2001
Before earthtone9 embark on a European tour with Fear Factory and One minute Silence we caught up with them to ask about life after arc'tan'gent, touring with Soulfly and Pitchshifter and whether they are madder than a bag of Badgers!.

Fear Factory March 11th 2001
Fear Factory bassist Christian hooks up with defweb and gives the dirt on their new album "Digimortal", Kush, the Faith No More tribute album and various other side projects.

Disturbing The Peace February 25th 2001
Disturbing The Peace in it's entirety talks about the band's new album "The New Ice Age", as well as comment about an awkward habit of kissing a Teddy Ruxpin doll before and after each of their shows.

(hed)p.e. January 29th 2001
(hed)p.e. drummer BC meets up with the PRP Crew again and gives his thoughts on the bands plans for the future and their current success while also teaching defweb not to ask faggot questions.

Vex Red January 25th 2001
In their first ever interview, U.K. based Vex Red discuss their recent signing to Ross Robinson's own label I AM/Virgin and their experiences working with the infamous producer. They also dish out the story on exactly how they were discovered, while also explaining just who they are and what they think about making balloon animals.

Lostprophets January 21st 2001
Lostprophets deservedly gained the Featured Release spot at The PRP with their debut album, "fakesoundofprogress". Signed to a small indie label and coming from the unlikely location of Wales, the band have produced a blistering release that took many by surprise. The live show adds yet more substance as to why you should check this band out and we're certain you will be hearing more of them in the future as major labels set their sights.

Linea 77 January 21st 2001
Italy's answer to American domination is surprisingly refreshing so we caught up with the band on their U.K tour to discuss their new album "Ketchup Suicide". 

The Revolution Smile January 10th 2001
The Revolution Smile is the new creation of former Far guitar player Shaun Lopez, who have taken his time to clarify some information about the band's debut album, as well as current Far's situation.

Mushroomhead January 03rd 2001
Having built up a huge fanbase locally, Mushroomhead will be looking to replicate this success across America with their Upcoming album "XX". We speak to singer J Mann and discuss events past and present.

In Pieces January 02nd 2001
In Pieces drummer TJ Orscher talks about the band's most recent demo produced by Kurt Ballou of Converge, as well as some groundbreaking info about movie star Jean Claude Van Damme.


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