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Breaking The Mold In 2001:

2001 has been a year that has brought us some great music, but it also has unfortunately brought us a lot more of the same. From cookie cutter cliche new metal, to bland uninspiring emocore and a resurgence of glam tinged radio rock, the more progression that heavy music makes, the more diluted it becomes. In light of this, we at The PRP have taken it upon ourselves to assemble a list of up and coming acts who prefer to stray from the norm and deliver innovative music that doesn't cater solely to mainstream tastes, while still sticking close to contemporary tastes. As such, we present to you, Breaking The Mold In 2001:

Apex Theory
Official Website:
Los Angeles, CA
Similar To:
System Of A Down, Jane's Addiction, Incubus

"Shhh...(Hope Diggy)"
"Swing This"

"Apex Theory" Review
"Extendemo" Review

Apex Theory:
Versatile and filled with self empowering messages delivered through peculiar vocals, The Apex Theory bring aural creativity to life in vivid color. Enlisting the teachings of jazz, swing, metal, funk and a lot more, their unique musical mixture is both mature and engaging, sure to expand the horizons of all who listen.

Official Website:
Brooklyn, NY
Similar To:
Onyx, Biohazard, John Coltrane

"Signs Of Discontent"
"Method Of Expression"

"300 Percent Density" Review

Candiria have been a key force in redefining the hardcore/metalcore genre for many years now and with the release of their latest outing "300 Percent Density" earlier this year, the band have managed to hone their pugnacious blend of hardcore, jazz, rap, metal, death metal and more into a bone crushingly potent attack, so much so that even MTV took notice and featured the act.

Cave In
Official Website:
Methuen, MA
Similar To:
Failure, Led Zeppelin

"Big Riff"
"Brain Candle"

Cave In:
Starting out as a predominantly hardcore/metalcore act, Cave In had already made an admirable name for themselves, but with the release of their latest outing "Jupiter", came the birth of a new sound. Progressive, with huge sounding riffs and 70's reminiscent song structures, the band have blossomed into a gracefully epic musical force and with an RCA debut on the way, their sonically challenging music will surely leave an impact on all who experience it.

Dog Fashion Disco
Official Website:
Washington, DC
Similar To:
Mr. Bungle, System Of A Down, Nothingface

"Valley Girl Ventriloquist"
"Leper Friend"
"Cartoon Autopsy"

February 2000 Interview

"Anarchists Of Good Taste" Review
"The Embryo's In Bloom" Review

Dog Fashion Disco:
Taking a page from Mike Patton and his work with Mr. Bungle and vilifying it into a heavier breed of modern metal masochism; Dog Fashion Disco create an eerie blend of demonically possessed circus music, complete with grating riffs and haunting lyrical content, all the while sounding deranged and homicidal, rather than corny and gimmick based.

Official Website:
Los Gatos, CA
Similar To:
Tool, Failure, Pink Floyd

"Of The Room"
"Symbol Song"


"leitmotif" Review

Rare is it that a band can elevate music to a new plateau, writing songs so intricate and innovative, that calling their craft, "music", is almost an insult. Emotion, intrigue and art, these are the main elements of dredg, a band who triumphantly defy classification, and at times even description, all while delivering some of the most inspiring and articulate songs written in recent years. With a recording contract with Interscope Records already under their belts and a major label debut on the horizon, many eye this quartet as the one act who will ensure a change will ensue.

Official Website:
Long Island, NY
Similar To:
ON, Roni Size

"One Eye Dotted Two Times"

Featuring former members of Dayinthelife... and Nympho, Earth.ling have been making their mark on the New York scene for sometime now and are currently preparing to take things to the next level with a more concentrated focus put on the internet. Blending dub, funk, indie rock, hardcore, drum and bass, jungle and more, their sound, which features both female and male vocals, is quite alluring and bodes much promise for the future.

Element Of Surprise
Official Website:
Richmond, CA
Similar To:
Primus, Laundry, Tool

"Flip The Switch"
"My Indulgence"
"Cover Your Eyes"
"All Of The Above"

"Demo 2:001" Review

Element Of Surprise:
From the proverbial ashes of Nuclear Rabbit and Tribal Disco Noise spawned Element Of Surprise, an extremely talented quartet who mix starkly efficient prog rock with complex musicianship and modern metal overtones. Flush with emotional vocals and captivating effects, E:OS are a musical movement waiting to happen.

Official Website:
Official Website
Yarmouth, NS
Similar To:
Queens Of The Stone Age, dredg

"Clouds Collapse"
"Ache for Sound (Demo)"

"The Sound Of Beauty Breathing" Review

Kary combine the stoner rock aesthetic with vividly progressive song structures and wind up sounding like a psychedelic whirlwind of emotion, talent and intrigue. Their style draws a bit more from traditional musicianship, a choice that is powerfully amplified by their raw instrumentation and production values, but rather than sound dated, it only adds intrigue to their inciting their charming and open ended song writing, making use of the age old adage, less is more.

The O
Official Website:
New York City, NY
Similar To:
Mindless Self Indulgence, Ween

"Anal Thermometer"
"Let It All Hang Out"

The O:
Having already gained the approval of the ever so infamous Mindless Self Indulgence, The O combine everything from hip-hop and electronic sampling to music that sounds like it would be a perfect fit for children's TV. Humorous, and quirky, their music is extremely catchy and extremely eclectic, which in the end, makes them a truly stand out act.

Official Website:
Waco, TX
Similar To: Mr. Bungle, dredg

"Tall Tale"
"Jerry (In the Rocks)"
"Judge Persius' Grocery Store"
"Ceramic Fa-Smile"

"Minutia" Review

Waco, TX is a place that will likely be known forever for the work of a madman, though not surprisingly, it now also shares the distinction of being the birthplace of a band who are as equally as maniacal, except they prefer to focus their energies and outlandish ideas into music. Unique, and unhindered, Ojo combine everything from drum and bass to metal and somehow come out on top with astonishing music.

Official Website:
Sacramento, CA
Similar To: Failure, The Cure, Depeche Mode

"Screwed (Away)"

"Sleep Noise" Review

Featuring former Cleanse guitarist Joe Gonzalez, Pome are a dynamic CA based outfit who prefer the brooding melancholy and harmonic flourishes of the 80's mixed with vibrant, spiraling song structures, rather than the cliche glossy new metal that currently reigns supreme. Ripe with a sweeping range and songs layered with chasm like depth, this quartet tactfully combine old and new in wonderful ways.

Official Website:
United Kingdom
Similar To: Roni Size, Pitchshifter, Public Enemy

"Lion Of Judah"
"Save Our Souls"

"Demo" Review

Sounding like a bloody gang war between cyberpunks and hip hop heads in a post apocalyptic future, Resister combine dizzying swirls of gritty electronic noise and graft it onto looming 808 bass hits, creating material that stands somewhere in-between the extremes of modern metal and empowering rap. With heavy electronic overtones and an array of from the hip corrosive verbal lessons, their sound is vicious and raw in ways that most could have never imagined.

The Shizit
Official Website:
Seattle, WA
Similar To: Atari Teenage Riot, Pitchshifter, Spineshank

"Spit AK"
"Audio Jihad II"

The Shizit:
Disjointed and callused, The Shizit's aggravated modern metal assault is doused with menacing electronic programming, creating an explosive display of aggression and feeling, all through progressively written songs that permeate intensity and conviction.

Official Website:
Nashville, TN
Similar To: Deftones, Failure, Far

"Glass To Sand"
"Michael In Reign"
"Piece By Piece"
"Sell Them Dreams"
"Second Voice"

"Michael In Reign" Review

Few bands are as melodically gifted as Shun. Able to ruthlessly command dirges of enchanting emotion and mesmerizing musical grace with a fluidity and emphatic nature rarely seen before, they are easily one of the most talented independent acts in the scene today and are truly a special outfit.

Official Website:
Bayshore, NY
Similar To: Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Deadsy

"Second Grade"
"Mr October"

"Quadrophonic" Review
"FB Aight" Review

5TAR 1SLAND are a definite musical anomaly, drawing upon psychedelic overtones and unexpected crashing waves of programmed sounds to complete their brooding audio melancholy. Bridging lo-fi electronic flourishes and drawn out melodic excursions, their music is a journey sure to be a vacation from the doldrums of the mainstream for some, while inciting sea sickness in others.

Tub Ring
Official Website:
Chicago, IL
Similar To: Mr. Bungle, Nuclear Rabbit, Frank Zappa

"Bite The Wax Tadpole"
"Good Food:Happy Family"

"Drake Equation" Review

Tub Ring:
Having the ability to impress Mr. Bungle guitarist Trey Spruance enough to produce and guest appear on your independent offering is no easy feat, but none the less one Tub Ring have managed to achieve. With an eclectic and animated sound that playfully charges through everything from drum and bass to 60's doo wop, this five piece's technically gifted musical ability is top notch and sure to illicit a double take from anyone who thinks they've heard it all.

By wookubus (10/26/2001)
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