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Ten Independent Bands You Need To Know About In 2001:

2001 has already been an interesting year as many of the underground scenes latest hopefuls have gone onto sign major label recording contracts and achieve their dream of breaking it into the big time and spreading their music worldwide. But with the cream of the crop being siphoned off the top, it leaves the question of who will rise up to the task next, to capture the lions share of attention in the underground scene. We here at The PRP have seen many bands come ago in our time documenting the underground scene and in this article, we have what we believe are the top ten new bands who have what it takes to progress to the big leagues and so, without further adieu... the bands:

[minus] :
[minus] have created a lot more than just your average buzz. Ever since their featured slot on in June of 2000, followed by their international television debut on, the bands ever growing legion of fans has consistently been spreading throughout the globe. From working with former Far frontman Jonah Matranga, to gaining the attention of infamous producer Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Korn), this band have many a notch under their belt and with their full length debut, "Structure Of Simplicity", just now being released, there looks to be little left in their way to conquering the planet. [minus]

Official Website:
Location: Atlanta, GA
Similar To: Deftones, Glassjaw, Far
"At The Scene"
"Father's Eyes"
"Hesitant And Polite"

5-Line Legacy :
5-Line Legacy have been popping up everywhere lately, from features on various websites, to Canadian Music Week nominations and live performances being broadcasted on TV. Since the release of their debut EP "SWITCH" late last year, the bands visibility has steadily increased and its this exposure, along with their unique sound that makes them arguably the hottest young unsigned act in Canada today. 5-Line Legacy

Official Website:
Location: Montreal, QUE
Similar To: Guano Apes, Bad Brains, Dub War
"Where's HR"

Amazing Device :
Under the name Further, Amazing Device managed to gain a fair share of notoriety during their short time together. But due to recent trademark issue, the band, which features a former member of Dayinthelife... in its ranks, were recently forced to change their name. Thankfully though, they did not change their sound, considering it has built them a growing legion of fans across the country. From countless features on various websites to an internationally aired live TV performance on, this group have managed to establish themselves among the upper echelon of the underground scene. Amazing Device

Official Website:
Location: Baldwin, NY
Similar To: Deftones, Glassjaw
"Amazing Device"
"The Question"
"A Thousand Reasons"

The Blank Theory :
Combining traces of emo with post NY hardcore, The Blank Theory have steadily been winning over fans since the release of their latest LP, "Catalyst", last year. With a constant stream of shows in support of it across the Midwest and eastern states, The Blank Theory are well on their way to coming into their own and with their strong song writing and infectious melodies, this group easily have more than enough musical ability to warrant a major label deal. The Blank Theory

Official Website:
Location: Chicago, IL
Similar To: Helmet, 6gig, Failure
"Fear Of God"

Earthtone9 :
Perhaps one of the most intriguing and prolific bands to sprout into the modern heavy music scene in quite some time, Earthtone9 have managed to create a sound that is without question all their own. Slowly but surely rising to becoming the kings of the U.K. underground, this bands gifted blend of progressive and intelligently written music gives them a strong chance at breaking into U.S. soil, and given the current state of North American music, it would seem that a little cultural invasion would more than fit the bill. Earthtone9

Official Website:
Location: Nottingham, England
Similar To: dredg, Vision Of Disorder
"Tat Twam Asi"
"Star Damage (For Beginners)"

Element Of Surprise :
Spawning from California underground favorites, Tribal Disco Noise and Nuclear Rabbit, Element Of Surprise are still a relatively young band, but you wouldn't realize that when listening to their recently released debut demo, "Demo 2:001". Technical mastery, a vivid range of emotion and a 9 string bass are all highlights of this extremely musically proficient group, who lead the charge of bringing intelligence back to modern metal. Element Of Surprise

Official Website:
Location: Richmond, CA
Similar To: Tool, Laundry
"Flip The Switch"
"My Indulgence"
"All Of The Above"
"Cover Your Eyes"

Lostprophets :
Every so often a band comes along that instantly wins over fans. Whether it be through their intense and charismatic live shows, their incredibly catchy, yet emotional and inspiring music or even, lets face it, their stylish good looks. Lostprophets is exactly that band and after receiving coverage in nearly every U.K. magazine available, along with countless features on various sites on the web, this band have created nothing short of a major label bidding war frenzy. If you haven't heard of the Lostprophets yet, you can guarantee that you will soon. Lostprophets

Official Website:
Location: Cardiff, Wales
Similar To: Incubus, Faith No More

Mr. Downstairs :
Combining pugnacious hardcore ideals with layers of emotion and a touch of modern metal, Mr. Downstairs have surely begun to blossom. Their sound is intelligent and intricately written, yet at the same time cathartic and vicious. After a performance at the Annual New Jersey Metal Meltdown earlier this year, the group took some time off to write new material and with their eyes now set on getting back to business, it's going to take nothing short of a few tons of steel to keep these boys locked downstairs. Mr. Downstairs

Official Website:
Location: Ithaca, NY
Similar To: Taproot, Far, Snot
"100 DV"

Shun :
Shun are a band who put a brand new spin on musicial emotion, crafting some of the most purified, heartfelt melodies written to date. Vividly dynamic and thick with ambiance, these five boys have come up with something that is truly touching. After releasing their debut EP "Michael In Reign" earlier this year, the band took to the road on the "All Under Heaven" Tour alongside Spiritfall and are now prepping for another cross country trek this summer on the "We Are Losing Our Jobs" Tour. With their undeniable talent, a rabid and dedicated fan base emerging firmly behind them and their abundance of creative ideas and gifted song writing, it shouldn't be long before Shun are in reign. Shun

Official Website:
Location: Nashville, TN
Similar To: Sunny Day Real Estate, dredg, Failure
"Sell Them Dreams"
"Piece By Piece"
"Michael In Reign"

Superheist :
Australia's hidden talent, won't be remaining hidden for much longer if Superheist can keep up on the course they're headed. In some regards similar to the current state of North American rapcore, these five Aussie lads take the basic rap/rock foundations and manage to inject melody and creativity into the mix, establishing a sound which by far puts them further above any of the cookie cutter clones currently looking pretty in their videos on MTV. Superheist, Where's Brenno?

Official Website:
Location: Melbourne, VIC - Australia
Similar To: Deftones, Rage Against The Machine, Orgy

By wookubus (05/05/2001)
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