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The PRP's Best Of 2002

Eighteen of the best records to grace 2002 as deemed by with Brian Webb and wookubus each selecting their own top 10 albums of the past year.......Click Here For More.

Pointing Out The Obvious - 2002 In Review:

Those of you who have been following for the past few years know that we usually end the year with a top 10 best of from various artists, however this year we decided to forego the feature as most would be hard pressed to be able to even pick ten memorable albums from this past year, let alone compile a list they could be confident in publicly acknowledging......Click Here For More.

The PRP's Best Of 2001:

With another banner year for heavy music behind us, the dreaded year in review slump has once again drawn upon us. However, rather than crank out generally useless and opinionated year end write-ups, we at The PRP have once again chosen to let the artists themselves provide you with the lists of albums that inspired them throughout the past year......Click Here For More.

Breaking The Mold In 2001:

2001 has been a year that has brought us some great music, but it also has unfortunately brought us a lot more of the same. From cookie cutter cliche new metal, to bland uninspiring emocore and a resurgence of glam tinged radio rock, the more progression the heavy music makes, the more diluted it becomes......Click Here For More.

Unearthing The Heavy In 2001:

With the mainstreams growing recognition of more and more extreme acts, 2001 is the year that will see Slipknot's sophomore effort sell by the truckload and yet further blurring of the lines between alternative and mainstream culture. As a result, in this article are some of the bands who also share extreme ideals, yet go about their business largely unnoticed in making pure and uncompromising hard hitting music. Whether it be because of their innovation, message, or the bone snapping heaviness they bring. Their music may not be easy to digest and it's far from pleasant, but the sheer heaviness and honesty of their craft will certainly ring true to those looking for something heavier than what the traditional media has to offer......Click Here For More.

Ten Independent Bands You Need To Know About In 2001:

2001 has already been an interesting year as many of the underground scenes latest hopefuls have gone onto sign major label recording contracts and achieve their dream of breaking it into the big time and spreading their music worldwide. But with the cream of the crop being siphoned off the top, it leaves the question of who will rise up to the task next, to capture the lions share of attention in the underground scene. We here at The PRP have seen many bands come ago in our time documenting the underground scene and in this article, we have what we believe are the top ten new bands who have what it takes to progress to the big leagues.....Click Here For More.

The Year 2000 In Review:

The year 2000 will be remembered for a lot of things. From the various grudges that developed between many a band in the heavy music scene to the old friendship's that were renewed and even the success of two metal laden summer festival tours. But 2000 also brought us a fresh crop of hard music that went on to prosper in the mainstream, with the general acceptance of the once shunned music form now at a seemingly all time high. This may sound like a bold statement at first, but it is one that that could be easily verified by the fact that both up and comers and old favorites alike each found platinum and gold in massive quantities, something that would have been unheard of during any other year in recent memory....Click Here For More.


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