The Last Ten Seconds Of Life

Three Members Exit The Last Ten Seconds Of Life


Despite having released their new self-titled studio album just over a month ago, deathcore outfit The Last Ten Seconds Of Life appear to have imploded. 3/4th of the band’s lineup, including vocalist John Robert Centorrino, bassist Mike Menocker and drummer Steven Sanchez, have exited the band, seemingly en masse.

A statement issued yesterday (February 28th) by Centorrino reads:

“After years of debate, I’ve voluntarily stepped down from ‘The Last Ten Seconds Of Life‘ I will not be making a detailed statement. With that said, I’m officially a free agent again. I’ll see you all soon. This isn’t the end of #HateChurch – only the beginning”

Menocker issued a statement of his own, offering:

“If you had not noticed these past two months, I was not touring with my band as usual.

With details aside, It’s with a heavy heart that I announce my resignation of bass duties in my current band.

I’m grateful for so much that I got to do so many incredible things and meet so many unbelievable people.

The Last Ten Seconds Of Life as the ride of a lifetime, thanks for every moment.

See you on stage soon.”

It is unclear whether or not the band will continue under its sole remaining member, co-founding guitarist Wyatt McLaughlin. The group had just wrapped up a U.S. tour supporting Cattle Decapitation late last month.

[via Lambgoat]

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