Massacre Release Censored & Uncensored Versions Of “Return Of The Corpse Grinder” Music Video


Massacre have released both censored and uncensored variants of their new music video for their track “Return Of The Corpse Grinder“. Be forewarned however that the uncensored version is NSFW and apparently been banned by YouTube. The video arrives alongside today’s (October 22nd) release of the band’s new album “Resurgence“.

Vocalist Kam Lee commented:

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“Well for starters… we made a video for RETURN OF THE CORPSE GRINDER… but it is so disgusting and foul it may be BANNED! How fucking awesome is that?!! Total Jorg Buttgereit (NEKROMANTIK films) worship! Disgusting necrophilia and Ed Gein worship – the ONLY way to do the song justice. Anything less would have been a disservice and just wimpy!! But it’s most likely too extreme for most viewers… I feel so accomplished!!

I hope fans do get to check it out… it’s a total complete tribute to the Nekromantik films and to Ed Gein being the influence to the original songs lyrics to begin with. And the songs music is just a perfect continuation in style and form – it really brings the Corpse Grinder saga full circle. Coming out of the gate with RESURGENCE and being told that video we did for the 2nd part to the Corpse Grinder may be too extreme to air is fucking brilliant!!

I am proud of the work we did on the album, the songs and material really are the essence of O.S.D.M. style and sound, and I feel this was the best team I could gather together to make this album what it is! I realize lightening couldn’t strike twice… “From Beyond” was lightening in a bottle… and it’s not going to be beat, but I did my best to bring the proper team together to make a follow up – 30 years late – that is and proves to be the proper and correct continuation of the band MASSACRE the way it was always meant to be!”



MASSACRE – Return Of The Corpse Grinder (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) from Nuclear Blast on Vimeo.

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