Vintersea Premiere “Befallen” Music Video


Vintersea‘s music video for their track “Befallen” has made its way online. The band’s bassist Karl Whinnery directed the clip, which the band shot at the abandoned Satsop Nuclear Power Plant in Elma, WA. He commented of his vision for the clip:

“I wanted the video to represent the bleakness and capture the aggressiveness of ‘Befallen‘ appropriately. When we started discussing concepts, I knew I had the proper location in mind and everyone jumped on board. Barely above freezing and filming six stories off the ground in some spots, it was an epic shoot. We had to shoot with fish-eye lenses to fully capture the gigantic scope of the cooling tower and reactor rooms.”

Guitarist Riley Nix added:

“‘Befallen‘ occupies a particularly dark place in the album’s timeline, and it’s meant to evoke immense dread and opaque darkness through blistering riffs, punishing blast-beats and relentless vocal lines.

However, even in its darkest and most desperate moments, a sliver of hope shines through the song with ethereal vocals and epic chords. As many of our long-time friends and fans know, resolve in the face of overwhelming darkness is a huge theme throughout our music, and we hope the song and video showcase that.”

The album he speaks of is the group’s sophomore release, “Illuminated“, which saw a release this past September.

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