These Are’s Top 25 Most Viewed Stories Of The Past Decade


2019 has come to a close, bringing with it not only an end to a decade, but also the first 20 years of Looking back, it’s kind of crazy as to how far the site has come and how much the industry has changed during that time. To put it into perspective, in the late 90s/early 2000s it was common practice to receive music videos in the mail on VHS tapes before streaming and downloadable video truly ever took off. In the days of YouTube and streaming the practice seems utterly archaic, but here we are.

The past decade saw over 60,000 posts made by yours truly, over 18,665,000 users visited and over 100,000,000 pageviews were served up. Considering the site has largely been a one-man operation during that time sans some help from some trusted friends on the technical end of things, it’s been quite the endeavor.

It hasn’t always been easy (the site’s ad server getting hacked on Christmas Eve years ago and a webhost nearly losing 10 years of data during a forced server migration serve as low points,) I can’t say that I ever imagined to be doing this for more than a year, let alone over 20 with continued success.

Nostalgia aside, with the start of the new decade, lets take a look back at the one that was. Here’s what you, the readers, clicked on the most during the 2010s on

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