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Core 10 (Ex-Korn) Encourage Listeners To Be Open-Minded


Over the weekend Core 10 took to their social media to make the below post which seemed aimed at the criticism continually leveled against the band, encouraging listeners to have a more open mind. The band, who feature ex-Korn drummer David Silveria, debuted their new single “Introspection” late last week, you can hear it here.

“Well here we go within the day of releasing something that can’t be labeled.
Compare us to something similar, or something you’ve heard before.

Who do we sound like?

Is there anything out there currently that the vocals with the style of music sounds like?
Ask this about your own music.
When something is new, and foreign to the ear the reactions vary.

Do you sit back, and truly listen to all aspects of what is happening, or do you decide from what you’re accustomed to hearing?
Do you ever give a new sound a chance, or do you fall back into what you like, and what you were used to?
So here is something for all of you to remember and envision.

Within the late 90s and early 2000s all of the Bands from that era played with each other, and loved other,and had no judgment.
Korn, System of a Down, Coal Chamber, Static-X, Incubus,Zebrahead, Hed PE,Hoobastank, rooster, livid, video drone,corporate Avenger, amoeba,Sore, Alien Ant Farm, Sublime, No Doubt, society’s engine, Suction.

They all were different, and it didn’t matter because your art was just your art.
If your judgemental, then you’re closed off.

We wish you to be the most creative, and open-minded person you can be within your art, and your craft as a musician, or anything you do for that matter.

Kick some ass always, and believe in yourself.
Sweet dreams, Core10.”

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