Mindless Self Indulgence's Jimmy Urine

Mindless Self Indulgence’s Jimmy Urine Speaks About Being In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’


Mindless Self Indulgence, etc. frontman Jimmy Urine has spoken about his upcoming role as one of the Ravagers in the the upcoming film, ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2‘. As was revealed last year, Urine will appear as ‘Half-Nut‘ in the film, which opens in theaters on May 05th. Urine landed the role out of his friendship with director/writer James Gunn, as he told

“…I mean, the first one was amazing. It’s an honor, and the thing I gotta say is to thank James Gunn — motherfucker made me part of the Marvel Universe. I mean number one, I’m in Guardians and I’m part of the whole Guardians universe, but to be in a Marvel movie, you’re officially part of the Marvel Universe.

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Growing up, I read nothing but Marvel comics; growing up in New York, Marvel comics were far superior because they took place in my neighborhood. The Fantastic Four’s headquarters was the [Citigroup] headquarters on 53rd Street; Daredevil was hanging out in Hell’s Kitchen; Spider-Man could be zooming through your fucking neighborhood. So, Marvel comics to me were so real and I loved them; so, to be a part of the Marvel universe in any way is fucking amazing.”

When asked if Gunn has reached out to him, he replied:

“Yeah, he reached out to me. We’re friends; he reached out to me and said, “Hey, we’ve got these parts for some of the Ravagers, and we want you to be a Ravager.” And I was like, “Fuck yeah,” and I kind of thought it was going to be a teeny little walk-on, but it turned out to be a whole significant bumper kind of person, a character actor kind of spot. Like, holy shit, this is great.

And they filmed the whole thing in Atlanta, so I flew down there, and it was last year from January to June; [I] did a month of filming, maybe one scene in the background, one in the foreground, and working with a couple of guys going back and forth between [Los Angeles] and Atlanta, and it was great.

A lot of the guys I knew anyway from hanging out with Gunn; it was like a real family there. You’d be walking around this huge intricate set, but then you’d see a buddy like, “Yo, what’s up, man? How’s it going?” [Laughs] And it wasn’t until I came back to L.A. and Captain America: Civil War had come out — my wife and I, we’d gone to the local theater, [caught] a matinee. And we went to the theater, and it was packed with kids in Iron Man and Captain America masks.

Like, “Oh shit, I’m in a Marvel movie — this is no joke!” Now it’s crazy. I see the ads everywhere. I’ll go to get a sandwich, and on the chips it’ll be, “Guardians of the Galaxy!” all over my Doritos bag.”

Notably, Rob Zombie also has a voice over part in the film. Urine has a new solo album featuring material he composed with soundtrack and scores in mind. It’s titled “The Secret Cinematic Sounds Of Jimmy Urine” and is set for a release this Friday, April 28th.

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