Tengger Cavalry

Tengger Cavalry Debut New Song “Die On My Ride”


A lyric video for the title track to Tengger Cavalry‘s new album “Die On My Ride” has hit the web. The album itself is scheduled for a June 02nd release through M-Theory Audio. Frontman Nature Ganganbaigal said of that effort:

“‘Die On My Ride‘ is a rather different album than all of our previous releases. This album reaches a more personal place for us. We discuss personal struggle surrounding identity conflicts, racial discrimination and individual freedoms. I think an important part of existing in modern society is learning to accept one another for who we are and embrace our differences, and to look beyond that to find a deeper connection between each race or ethnic group.

Coming from a different place and walking the line between the Mongolian music world and American music world is sometimes challenging for me. I see all kinds of stereotyping and people throwing hatred, prejudice and judgment at one other because of arrogance, insecurity or simply a lack of understanding. This creates a huge identity conflict for individuals. These concepts make up a lot of what this album is about. Being yourself, pushing past judgment from others, being strong and fighting for your individual freedoms.”

“Musically, I intentionally tried to incorporate more clean vocal choruses, semitones and western minor scales, rather than stick just within our traditional Mongolian folk style. We also incorporated piano to add a more emotional element to the songs.”

[via Metal Injection]