Dope’s Edsel Dope: “The Industry Has A Tendency To Want To Discount You”


Dope frontman/guitarist Edsel Dope was recently the guest on ‘Talk Toomey‘ and during the course of the chat touched upon the frustrations of the band returning from a prolonged absence. Dope‘s last release, “No Regrets“, came out in 2009 and despite the band having a fairly active fanbase during the early 2000’s, some promoters were leery to book the band’s ‘Die Mother Fucker Die Reunion Tour‘ with Flaw and Motograter, which led some complaints.

With the group due to release a new album titled “Blood Money (Part 1)” on October 28th, they are gearing up to make up for lost time, but their comeback hasn’t been without struggles, as Edsel explains:

“It’s weird man. [People] you don’t think they understand. How come you’re not coming here? How come you’re not coming there? Well, to be perfectly honest, the band’s been gone a long time from significant touring. When we were booking the tour we didn’t have an announcement for a record yet and quite frankly and humbly, we’re not Disturbed, man. We’ve never been a band that’s sold millions of records that [you know] the giant promoters jump right on board with.

So [you know] a lot of markets, there were wishy-washy promoters that were like, ‘yeah, we don’t really know if we’re into this show’. Well, it’s like we can’t go there. The only way you can go to a market is if you have a promoter that’s been to the show and wants to promote it and work it. [But] you know you can’t rely on that when you get there he’s not going to have a sign on the door that says, ‘uh, sorry. Had to leave. No show tonight.’

[It’s like] we’ve all been there. If you’ve been a professional musician long enough, you’ve had shows that were supposed to happen and you showed up and the show didn’t happen. It’s not your fault. It’s somebody fucking didn’t do their job and took a hike. You can’t do that… The tour starts September 13th in San Francisco and it ends in Hollywood on October 30th.”

He later continued:

“When you’re a band that’s not commercially viable at the moment, you’re not the flavor of the month new band and you’re also not a band like Disturbed that sold millions of records and had such a tremendously successful career, the industry has a tendency to want to discount you. Has a tendency to go, ‘oh, you got half a million followers on Facebook and you go out and headline tours and hundreds of people show up and you sell literally thousands of records’… I mean our last record sold 60,000 copies. We sold a million copies combined of our records. The band clearly has a fan base and is well known.”

You can find the whole discussion over at this location.

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