The Dillinger Escape Plan's Greg Puciato

The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Singer Reflects On His Infamous Head Walk & Shitting Onstage


In a career of unhinged performances, two of The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s shows continually haunt them. One being the infamous head walk at a Virgin Mega Store (see below) and the other being the band’s 2002 appearance at the ‘Reading Festival‘, during which frontman Greg Puciato crapped into a bag onstage and flung it into the audience, telling the crowd: “You’re going to see a lot of shit on this stage today. You might as well see some more.” In the below clip he discusses both performances in detail, saying of the latter:

“We were so out of control kind of onstage back then that didn’t even seem that crazy. That’s the crazy thing about that is that I realize as I was driving here today was that every show we were playing back then we were lighting our drums on fire, we were smashing our instruments, we were throwing gear into the crowd, we were knocking things over, breaking things that didn’t belong to us. There was so much chaos happening at that time that shitting onstage and throwing it at people didn’t even seem that great, like didn’t seem out of the realm of possibility.

So I was really shocked when it was such a huge deal which is silly because obviously it’s insane. Objectively it’s insane now that I’m older and I look at it. The crazy thing to me is that if someone did that now they’d probably get arrested like as soon as they walked offstage. They would probably turn them off. Now that I’m older I’m like I can’t believe they didn’t turn us off, cause it wasn’t like the grand finale. We still had a few songs left. So why did they even allow us to keep playing? Why wasn’t I arrested the second I walked offstage?

Those kind of things I think of now and I’m like well why didn’t I care when I was 21-22, I just must not have believed that I could be arrested for anything. They tried to kick me out of England, they tried to say that I could never come back due crazy public indecency, like a couple days after it happened we received word there was a possibility that I may never be allowed back into England, like all this weird shit. But luckily here I am.”

He continued:

“It was early in the day and as most people, you kind of get that out of the way early in the day but I never did. I made a point to hold onto it. And you know the turtle, the malicious turtle, was pretty easy to fire that fucker right out of the hole.”

“There was no way in hell that I thought that we were ever going make a living doing this or that in fourteen years I would still be having a conversation as Greg from Dillinger Escape Plan. I just thought this was a ball of fire that’s gonna implode or it’s got a shelf life, there’s no way this can continue. So when we would get asked to play something like that in my head I was like ‘well, this is never going to happen again, when am I ever going to play a festival with bands I don’t like.’

That was kind of the other thing, that was the first time we ever played with bands we don’t like. Up until then it was like you go on tour with bands you feel a kinship with and we had never been exposed to some like mass thing where you’re playing with a band like Puddle Of Mudd or whoever it was at the time who made me feel like ‘oh I got to make some kind of a statement.’

So it was kind of a combo of kind of wanting to cause the biggest ruckus imaginable, since we’re obviously never going to do this again anyway, I might as well make sure that we’re never allowed to do this again anyway. And then just kind of making a statement in a way that I felt would be unavoidable for people to pay attention to.”

Sadly the band have begun their final touring cycle, having revealed their plans to hang it up next year once they supporting their new album, “Dissociation“, out October 14th.

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