Ministry's Al Jourgensen

Al Jourgensen Planning New Ministry Album, Slams Republicans & Trump Supporters


Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen has plans for a new album from the band, with intentions to begin work on it after the group finish their 2016 touring. As recently reported, the band’s immediate touring lineup now features Stone Sour‘s Roy Mayorga and Prong‘s Jason Christopher. When asked by of his plans for the album and why he previously objected to doing it, he offered:

“When I was asked, it was after Mikey passed and the entire media immediately starts asking me what is going to happen to Ministry. He wasn’t even buried yet. I thought, “Fuck you.” I was really pissed and really angry. I said, “Fuck Ministry and fuck you for asking.” They want to comment on Ministry when my best friend had died.

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It’s been more than two years now, and I got more ideas and I have done albums with Mikey and have done them without him. It’s time to get another record out. I have a bunch of songs written in my head. I wanted to have time to mourn before people start asking me about touring dates. It was sick. I was bombarded and email boxes were overloaded with “what are you going to do now?” It was kind of creepy.”

When asked if the current presidential campaign would influence the lyrical content of the album, he replied:

“I knew you were going to ask that. After three albums of Bush, I’ll let some of the younger groups take the low-hanging fruit, which would be Trump. I’ve seen some anti-Trump raps and metal songs. To me, it’s such low hanging fruit that it’s not worth the effort. I’m going to wait until it falls off the tree and then I’ll eat, but I’m not going to pick it.

I would rather sing about the sociological conditions that have gotten an entire country to vote for such a dolt. I’m not going to be bashing Trump. I’ll probably be bashing his supporters in the lyrics to the next Ministry album. It will be more so about that than Trump. It’s just low-hanging fruit.”

Earlier in the chat he also went on to explain his contempt for the Republican party and their presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump:

“The entire thing about the Republican party is this: Ask yourself if any member in congress, the senate or the executive office or even some of the judicial people has had to relate to day-to-day problems. They’ve all been born with a silver spoon in their mouth. These are the people who we vote for. They have no cognizance of what the reality of society is.

It’s amazing that the entire Republican platform is the worst thing that a working class person could want and yet we vote for them because they have figured out a way, the same way that the fascist parties in World War II era preyed on people’s fears which is exactly what Trump is doing. Blame your problems on someone else.

“This is why your life is bad” and “You can be like me” if it wasn’t for all these immigrants and other people coming into the country. They prey on cultural issues and then they slip in other things that completely hurt the people while saying that they have our backs. The whole hypocrisy is so veneer-thin that a child could see through it, and I’ve often said that what scares me far worse than Trump is the Trump followers.”

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