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Ex-Slipknot Drummer Joey Jordison Underwent Surgery & Wore Leg Braces In Battle With Neurological Disorder


Should you want to read up on ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison‘s struggles with transverse myelitis and his continued recovery, the full cover story from the latest issue of Metal Hammer has been shared online at—though you’ll have to signup to read the entire article however. An excerpt from it, along with a picture of Jordison‘s leg post surgical procedure can be found below.

Transverse myelitis is a neurological condition that induces inflammation of the spinal cord, causing severe pain in some cases as well as weakness and loss of motor skill functions, among other debilitating symptoms. Jordison began to suffer from the condition during the end of his tenure in Slipknot.

“When he arrived home from the Slipknot tour, Joey could barely walk. On August 21, 2012, he was admitted to Mercy West hospital in Des Moines, diagnosed with some form of leg paralysis but unaware of exactly how or why this was happening to him. Ten days later, he was transferred to the neurological unit at University Of Iowa Hospital in Iowa City, understandably terrified and extremely confused about his physical deterioration. ‘It was fucking bad, dude,’ he recalls.

‘My lady has everything documented. I got struck with this fucking thing that I couldn’t control. The doctors said I might not be able to walk again. Today, I can almost run, but back then I couldn’t even stand up. I was bed-ridden. If I wanted to turn over in bed, I had to move my legs with my hands. I was in and out of the hospital for months. Some beautiful people have helped me out and got me back stronger and taught me how to walk again, but at that moment my whole life was screwed, man. Acute transverse myelitis is a fucked-up disease and a lot of people don’t recover from it and they’re paralysed forever.”

After having braces fitted to prevent his weakened legs from buckling, Joey was finally discharged from hospital in October 2012. Thus began an extremely lengthy, challenging and physically exhausting regime of physical and occupational therapy, as Joey tried to summon the energy and determination to beat the bizarre neurological condition that had wrenched the carpet from under his feet and left him both horribly vulnerable and understandably bewildered.

Early in 2013, work began on Scar The Martyr’s debut album, as a further batch of Slipknot shows in Japan and Europe – including a headline slot at Download – loomed over the horizon. Still recovering from the worst of his illness, Joey somehow managed to recover to the point where he was able to perform at those gigs, after which he threw himself wholeheartedly into launching Scar The Martyr by hitting the road as main support to Danzig in the US.”

Joey Jordison's Leg Post-Surgery

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