The Story So Far

Watch The Story So Far Singer Dropkick A Selfie Taking Fan Back Into The Crowd (Updated)


Update – April 12th 11:52am:

The Banner frontman Joey Southside has taken issue with Parker Cannon‘s actions, sharing the following statement via Facebook:

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“Ok im in a fucking mood today and have some free time so im going to do something i try not to do and comment on another band. The singer of this pretty hyped up pop punk band jumped and kicked some girl in the back off the stage because she wanted to take a selfie on stage, she wasnt ready for it or expecting it and kinda got launched forward.

This is a fucking pussy ass move on his part. Why you ask?
well first of all, the fact that youre asking “why?” makes you fucking suspect in my not at all humble opinion. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, If you’re a dude and you hit a girl youre a straight up stone cold BITCH. I dont know who the fuck raised you or taught you about how to live as a fucking dude but you dont hit girls, you just dont. And i dont want to hear a litany of hypotheticals about “WELL WHAT IF SHES HIGH ON METH AND COMES AT YOU WITH A CHAINSAW AND…” Like fucking seriously? shut the fuck up , it doesnt even apply here.

This scrawny fucking pussy makes money and gets to tour and go places because he plays some bubble gum normy ass pop punk for little fucking kids, little fucking girls,like this one,are who buys these fucking records and tshirts and fucking records so this fuck can live the fucking dream. So this little teeny bopper girl gets on stage because shes stoked to be on the stage with this fucking band she digs and you…..JUMP KICK HER IN THE BACK?

You’re in a pussy ass warped tour band and get mad when pussy ass warped tour shit happens?you kick her off the stage? im not even going to address the thousand of fucking things that couldve gone wrong which couldve resulted in that situation going from internet annoying to actual fucking disaster, but the main issue here is. YOU SHOULD BE SUCKING HER FATHERS DICK FOR GIVING BIRTH TO THAT LITTLE KID FOR MAKING EVERYTHING YOU DO POSSIBLE. You shouldve put your fucking arm around her and fucking smiled and took that fucking picture and then thanked that girl for giving you her parents fucking money.

AFTERWARDS….maybe give the security shit for BLOWING IT on doing their fucking jobs. Oh but you probably wont because im going to go out on a limb here and assume theyre full grown scary men. This was a pussy fucking move by a fucking soft fucking bitch baby rock star throwing a tantrum.

So many of my friends right now got me shaking my head and disappointing the fuck out of me.Stop telling me its not big deal, if youre a dude you dont hit fucking girls.Especially when you cultivate a whole fucking aesthetic and brand almost exclusively to attract people who do shit like this.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum is I Declare War frontman Jamie Hanks:

Original Story:

The Story So Far singer Parker Cannon literally gave a selfie taking fan the boot during the band’s April 10th show at the Mod Club in Toronto, ON. As you can see below, a female fan made her way to the stage and proceeded to begin to take a selfie, only to be drop kicked by Cannon from behind back into the crowd. Geez and to think we were all up at arms about Jordan Buckley kicking a phone only a few short years ago.

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