Glassjaw Talk About Their Upcoming New Album, Reveal Guest Appearance


Glassjaw vocalist Daryl Palumbo is featured in the new issue of Revolver—in which he gives an update on the band’s long-awaited new album. Speaking of their proper follow-up to 2002’s “Worship And Tribute“, he said:

“I’d say it’s near completion. We’re pretty far ahead. We kind of have a release date, but it’s not a hundred percent. By the time this article comes out, I imagine we’ll have one.”

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Earlier this year the band debuted a new song titled “New White Extremity” from the effort (stream it here.) When asked if the song was an attempt to “revive” the sound of “Worship And Tribute“, Palumbo stated:

“I wouldn’t say “revive.” That sound is a thing we’re super fond of. The last EP we did was kind of where Justin [Beck] and I were at, and we were trying some new things in a way. Don’t get me wrong—that EP is still very much Glassjaw, but I agree with you: This sounds a little more like other things we do that are maybe a little less spacious, but more heavy and groovy in a New York kind of way. But not an Agnostic Front way [laughs]. That’s another New York way.”

In regards to the title, he went on to say:

Justin and I have a got a couple of working titles for the album, but I’m not gonna say any. I haven’t been forced to commit yet, so until that happens, well… let’s just say I’m really good at milking time [laughs]. I wouldn’t say it’s a theme record or a concept record, but there’s a little bit of a thread running through it lyrically. We’re kind of building the visual aesthetic of the record now, the graphic lens through which we’ll view the next year and a half.”

When asked if there will be any guests on it, he did reveal one participant:

“Well, Elton John‘s not on it or anything [laughs]. I’m not really the kind of guy to bring in special guests, but we do have one. On this track we just finished a couple of weeks ago, we have George Reynolds, the singer of the band Mind Over Matter. He’s a childhood hero of ours, a fellow Long Islander, and an underground legend in these parts. He’s been a good friend for 20 years now, maybe more. Mind Over Matter was hugely influential on us, so it’s an honor to have him sing with me on this track. And the song is insanely heavy—possibly the heaviest Glassjaw song ever.”

As for why it has taken so long for the band to actually get a new album out, Palumbo offered:

“Well, both of us have a lot going on in life in general. Justin has three children. He has a house, a wife, a company. I have a wife and a home and a bunch of other things happening. When the time is right, we write—and then we write a lot. When the band is at the forefront, that’s when the spark really seems to happen. If it was up to me and him, we’d get together every weekend and make an album almost every few months. But I think the most poignant and potent Glassjaw [comes from] us stockpiling the goodness until it’s time to do it. And when it’s time to do it, the universe very much lets us know.”

Glassjaw have also been playing a new song titled “Shira” live at recent shows, you can watch some footage of that here. Though not addressed, the album should likely mark the group’s first official output with their latest bassist and drummer, ex-Glass Cloud members Travis Sykes and Chad Hasty. The band are in the midst of touring and have a number of headlining shows and dates supporting Coheed And Cambria booked, get that schedule here.

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