Eagles Of Death Metal

Eagles Of Death Metal Members Talk Of Returning To The Stage In Paris & More


Eagles Of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes has revealed that he (and presumably members of the band) were afraid to go back to Paris, France and perform at U2‘s recent concert. The show marked the group’s first time back onstage since their November 13th show in the city that saw 89 concertgoers/staff killed at the hands of terrorists in a series of attacks. Hughes recently told

U2 were trying to make sure we didn’t have something in us killed. They would have accomplished their goal if they had just performed the song with us. They didn’t have to give us the stage for the last song. And they did. They took care of us completely. They were genuine and sincere, and they were very proud of our accomplishments after the fact. That was such a beautiful way to put training wheels on for performing.”

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Hughes‘ bandmate and best friend Josh Homme (also of Queens Of The Stone Age) also added:

“I think for those boys that were in Paris to go back and play right away was really important. If you’re going to let something build, it should be that confidence to go right back up there. I know that must have been difficult to do, and I was proud to watch those guys do that. It was really… Sometimes there’s not words made yet to describe how you feel about something, and watching them, I wish I knew what letters to put together to explain how I felt. Can you imagine how tough that was?”

Hughes continued:

“I know this sounds corny, but I feel bound to France forever now. The reaction of the country in general was wonderful to me, and so U2 gave me the opportunity to come back and go through my mourning process a little more naturally instead of feeling like I left my heart there.”

There’s more from Hughes and Homme to be read over at The band themselves continue to move forward, having rescheduled their European tour and launched a ‘Pay It Forward’ covers campaign, proceeds from which will go to the families of the victims of the November 13th attacks. Homme summed up that campaign in a way only he can:

“Roses grow in shit, and this is a shitty situation. It’s funny how things this terrible, when you’re close to them, how they stop your life in its tracks. … This is where I realize the importance of the arts and music to be able to move quickly to unite people. It’s a rare moment when these elements are conjoined.”

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