He Is Legend

He Is Legend Launch $56,000 Crowdfunding Campaign For New Album


He Is Legend fulfilled their record deal obligations with the release of 2014’s “Heavy Fruit” and our now setting their sights on a new album. The band hope to crowdfund $56,000 USD to record that effort independently. To that end they have launched this Indiegogo campaign to help achieve their goal. Should you be skeptical of the amount, they’ve also broken down the budget for the campaign:

Studio time/engineer: $12,000

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Mixing: $1,500

Mastering: $500

Pitch Video: $6,400

Lodging: $6,000

Per Diem: $3,750

Band Salary: $10,000

Travel Expenses: $1,000

Pre-Production Equipment: $1,800

Artwork: $5,000

Equipment Maintenance: $1,500

Equipment Rental: $1,000

Auxiliary Musicians: $500

Total Recording Costs: $51,000

Indiegogo fee (4%) from 56,000: -$2,240

Paypal (5%) from $56,000: -$2,800

Net: $50, 960

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