Mastodon’s Drummer Says Brent Wasn’t Serious About Hating Metal, New EP Still Coming


Mastodon drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor took part in an AMA on Reddit today alongside one of the bands prefered artists/directors, Skinner. The full thing can be read over at Reddit. Some highlights from the chat can be found below.

Regarding the bands planned extra EP featuring material that didn’t make it on to “Once More ‘Round The Sun“:

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“Still in progress.”

On whether the band would ever record a covers EP/album:

“Yes we would”

On vocalist/guitarist Brent Hinds‘ comments about “hating heavy metal“:

Brent wasn’t exactly serious about that, he likes metal, but more importantly, he likes what he likes, he likes music, I don’t necessarily put music into genres for myself, I get the same feeling from Slayer that I get from Stevie Wonder. He doesn’t like certain types of metal, he digs the classic stuff, and Melvins, Neurosis, Etc…”

On his Arcadea side project:

“I have a side project called Arcadea, it’s fun, might be out next year.”

Regarding whether or not any more of the music they recorded for the ‘Jonah Hex‘ soundtrack would come to light:

“…We released most of the stuff we recorded for Jonah Hex, but there is a bunch that didn’t get released, but it’s just riffs and pieces parts.”

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