CKY’s Upcoming ‘Amnesia Rockfest’ Appearance Is Looking Messy


CKY were announced for the 2015 ‘Amnesia Rockfest‘ yesterday, however, no one seems to be sure which lineup of the notoriously volatile band will be playing. Originally ousted frontman/guitarist Deron Miller took to Facebook yesterday after the festival announcement, stating:

“i have not been contacted, nor do i know anything about this amnesia rockfest. CKY is not active”

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Guitarist/vocalist Chad I Ginsburg chimed in with a tweet yesterday as well that seems to distance himself from the upcoming performance:


Despite saying that CKY is not active in his initial post, a subsequent post from Miller reasserted his previous plans to release a new album from the outfit:

“i wish i had you guys’ attention this much more often! look…this whole thing is just a plan to hurt me. if i had nothing going on, it would probably sting a little, but the truth is i quit the band for several reasons. reason #1 was that it was literally killing me. #2 we lost our record deal and couldnt get a new one. it was over. i dont want to be a part of a sinking ship. if i had thought back then that there was a chance of saving CKY and have it possible to continue and even become a bigger band i might have given it a shot.

but working with C%#! is so irritating and so stressful i had no choice but to cut the chord. even our 2012 attempt to reconcile was disastrous because all he wanted to do was talk about what ive been doing and yell and complain. there was no chance of productivity…he just wanted to get me in the same room with him is all. music is something i live for regardless of whether it pays bills or not which is why i am doing another CKY album. I did Acoustified!, Tactical, Galactic Prey…all away from CKY.

the CKY album is already written and i already have a band to tour with. being with the low quality version of CKY would just be irritating and not worth the chump change theyre getting paid. its not about the money if youre having fun. not sure that could be fun. i appreciate you all coming to my defense but theres no need. im stronger than that entire group of losers trying to relive this half-assed past. and you will hear just how much stronger! i love you guys!!!!!!!!”

Given the apparent tension between drummer Jess Margera and Miller, it appears that Margera and as-yet unknown musicians will be leading the festival performance. At least a tweet from his brother Bam made yesterday (see below) seems to imply he’s in the mix.

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