Gary Holt Says He Blew HIs Left Wrist Out On Slayer’s “Dark And Sinister” New Album


Slayer/Exodus guitarist Gary Holt recently spoke with Jose Mangin of Liquid Metal fame (transcription available here) and was asked about his work on Slayer‘s forthcoming album:

“It’s crushing. “Implode” is a great song. I really love it, it’s a lot a fun to play. Compared to the other stuff Kerry [King] has written it’s nothing, doesn’t even touch it. There’s some really great stuff. I got the call and I went down to do solos and I did nine leads in one day and I went home. Everybody was like damn that was crazy, and what I did was I blew my left wrist out. I was shredding so long and hard and I just wanted to get through them and I felt some pain halfway through it and I just kept going and the next day I couldn’t even move my hand.”

He later added:

“There’s a little bit of everything but everything I’d reference to is 100% Slayer. I mean it’s crushing heavy and it’s dark and sinister and it’s everything you hope a Slayer album should be. There’s no ballads!”

The band recruited producer Terry Date (Pantera, Deftones) for that album, which should arrive later in the year.

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