’68 Release Two Videos That Require Manual Synchronization For New Single “Track Two”


’68—the outfit led by former The Chariot frontman Josh Scogin—has released two videos for their song “Track Two“. The duo went a little out of the box for the concept of the clips, which they themselves directed. The idea being that you have to synch them both up and have them playing at the same time to get the full effect, as Scogin explains:

“The hope is that someone will have one computer and invite a friend over that has another computer, they will spend several minutes struggling and laughing at trying to sync up the 2 videos perfectly.”

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“It’s a way to get humans to interact with other humans and for it to become more about the camaraderie rather than just another song that is here today and gone tomorrow.”

You can also cheat and play both here thanks to Metal Injection. July 08th stands as the release date for the bands debut album “In Humor And Sadness“. They will also be touring next month with Listener and more, get those dates here.

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