Jonny Craig (Slaves, Etc.) Fends Off New Drug Use Accusations (Updated)


Slaves singer Jonny Craig (ex-Dance Gavin Dance/Emarosa) is facing a new round of drug use accusations after an ex-girlfriend of his “accidentally” uploaded numerous videos of him holding various drug (heroin) paraphernalia and talking about doing them.

The videos have since been deleted, with the ex-gf claiming that she was hacked. Altpress got a statement from Craig‘s management at The Artery Foundation, who offered:

“These are obviously really old video’s as well. He has recently went through a bad break up with his girlfriend of the past couple of years and she has gone completely crazy on him threatening to kill herself, and doing whatever she can to harm him, etc. JC has been on a medication called suboxone for quite some time which is a narcotic blocker which doesn’t even allow him to get high.”

Craig himself has stated that he will be taking a drug test today to prove that he is still clean. of that he said:

“Just woke up to a nice surprise from the ex so I’m headed right down to the office to prove to you guys without a doubt im not using and that those videos are old. She’s crossed a line and needs to get it through her head that this isn’t the way you deal with someone not loving you anymore. So let’s go! I have nothing to hide.”

You can watch him address the situation below via a series of photos documenting his drug test today. Craig‘s struggles with addiction in the past have seen him defraud fans, jailed and more.

Update – April 02nd 11:00am:

if you’ve ever wanted to watch Craig take a drug test today is your day. He has now posted the following footage of him taking the test and passing below: