Deron Miller Teases Acoustic CKY Cover, Future Of CKY Still Uncertain


You can hear an audio preview of CKY(?), etc. frontman Deron Miller‘s ‘acoustictified’ rendition of the CKY staple “96 Quite Bitter Beings” after the break. The cover appears on a successfully crowdfunded new project titled “Acousticified!“. It finds Miller providing acoustic renditions of his past output. Pre-orders for that are available here with a November release date expected.

Meanwhile, Miller‘s status with CKY is a bit more hazy. His most recent update on the matter (posted October 09th) reads:

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“Im not ready to disclose CKY news just yet…i know youre all dying to know, but trust me itll be worth the wait and theres other projects to complete until i dive into that so please be patient and thank you.
Thanks for reading and if you have any questions hit me up.
Love you all…

This comes after a post made by Miller this past July which saw the vocalist/guitarist apparently plotting to take over the band he had previously been ousted from. Back this past summer Miller had posted:

“After a VERY long rest, and an even longer brainstorm process, i decided that NOT continuing CKY, (a band i started) just because i had difficulties with my former band members is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! so i will offer this…Chad, Matty J, and Matt Deis are all welcome back to the band if they want to be. they know my phone number and i am more than happy to speak with them/catch up and start working!!!! (most of the new CKY album is already written).

..Dave mustaine has done Megadeth by himself….with much success and im ready to do CKY on my own if none of the other original guys want to work with me anymore. i’ll give them until 10/1/2013 to make amends and work things out and put the past behind all of us. otherwise, i know MANY others who will be perfect replacements …so, regardless, there WILL be a new CKY record in 2014 FOR SURE…with or without the other guys.

there is no reason to stop what i started because of others’ egos. new CKY begins production 11/2103…either by myself, with new guys, or with the old guys. up to them, not me…im doing it regardless. thanks for reading!!!”

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