Metallica Detail Their Three Upcoming Pinball Tables


It turns out that Metallica haven’t just been working on a singular pinball table. Instead this May will see the release of three tables themed after the band. The band worked in conjunction with Stern Pinball on the tables and will be releasing a limited edition “Master Of Puppets” table, a “Metallica Pro” table and a “Metallica” premium table. Pictures of all three tables can be found below with a feature spec sheet available via

Interestingly Brendon Small of “Metalocalypse“/Dethklok fame will voice ‘Sparkey’ and ‘The Snake’ on all tables. Furthermore, all three tables will also feature 12 of the bands ‘classic’ tracks.

Prices include (in USD):

Pro Version:  $4,995
Premium Version (Road Case): $6,995
Limited Edition Version: (Master Of Puppets): $7,595

Master Of Puppets” (Limited Edition):
Metallica Master Of Puppets Table
Metallica Master Of Puppets Table
Metallica Premium“:
Metallica Premium Table
Metallica Premium Table
Metallica Pro“:
Metallica Pro Table
Metallica Pro Table

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