Deftones’ Stephen Carpenter On Illegal Downloaders: “I Say Hallelujah To Them”


Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter has a rather lax approach when it comes to fans illegally downloading his bands music. When asked by how he felt about people downloading his music for free, he replied:

“….I say hallelujah to them. You know, I say it for only one reason, the truth is people who download your music are your fans. Or people who are potentially going to become your fans. And if you’re going to be upset that someone is interested, or becoming interested in your stuff, then what’s the point. What are you doing?

If it’s all about money then certainly you’re going to be offended. But if your actual intent is to enjoy what you’re doing and have others enjoying it, then it should be a no brainer. I welcome all people to download the music. They won’t be the first, they won’t be the last, and for anyone to fight that… it’s futile.”

Carpenter continued to elaborate on the subject and you can find his full reply in the below video interview: