Vision Of Disorder The Cursed Remain Cursed

Candlelight Records 2012

Breaking the curse.

Vision Of Disorder - The Cursed Remain Cursed


For all the righteous ruckus Vision Of Disorder raised in their heyday, commercial success always eluded their grasp. Staying just outside of the spotlight wasn’t exactly by choice however.

But rather a series of bad label relationships and a bold creative shift ultimately saw the band go their separate ways back in 2002. With some years apart and a string of successful reunion shows now behind them; these Long Island, NY natives have returned with their first studio album in over a decade.

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Diehard fans take note: “The Cursed Remain Cursed” is largely a return to the confrontational metallic hardcore that gave “Imprint” its cult following.

While some elements of “From Bliss To Devastation” (see the crunchy riff in “Annihilator“;) and the refined vocal melodies of band offshoot Bloodsimple. creep in on occasion—their inclusion are more of a nod to the faithful than a defining trait.

The Cursed Remain Cursed” is very much centered around vicious grooves and reclusive melody. It may eschew traditional hardcore simplicity—but it certainly retains the defiant spirit. Tim Williams‘ wretched bellows spill forth tidal waves of abrasive lyrical bile. When he screams “give me hate, give me love, give me what I fucking deserve” on “Hard Times“; you can’t help but believe he thrives on negativity.

The callousness of his lyrical content may seem brash. But his imposing delivery is aided greatly by rigid pacing and creative phrasings. It’s not all hatred though. Some of his more reflective harmonies recall the lingering despair and hopeless longing that Alice In ChainsLayne Staley made a career out of.

With lunging serrated riffs full of sinew and grit and a gnashing rhythm section behind them; the rest of the band follow suit in venting their frustrations—dynamically unloading years of pent-up hostility. Truly this album is pretty much everything those who renounced “From Bliss To Devastation” have been waiting for. A combination of the raw intent of their eponymous album modernized with refined musicianship and greater contrast.

While it may damage their viability in the current climate, it’s refreshing to find no pandering to the metal scene of today. There’s no predictable bass drops or djenty binary riffing. Just blistering vitriol that has stewed long enough to become molten sludge. Given the density of the songs featured “The Cursed Remain Cursed” is not an album that is easily digested. Its brisk pace almost ensures a chance of it feeling compressed upon initial listens.

But with some proper attention, the effort more than lives up to the high bar the band have previously set. Truly Vision Of Disorder‘s long-awaited return sees them emerging even more fearsome. Older, wiser and unrelentingly caustic.

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