Jonathan Davis Says Dubstep Is “Electronic Heavy Metal”, Korn To Self-Release Next Album


Korn frontman Jonathan Davis talked with Noisecreep regarding his J Devil EDM persona. Speaking on his J Devil live shows, Davis stated:

“I make people drop their jaws because I’m just up there telling them to go fuck themselves. No one’s ever done that at an EDM show and crowds are loving it. It’s not like I’m offending anyone, people are like ‘Yeah, fuck you too!'”

He further explained his attraction to the EDM scene, offering:

“North American dubstep is the new electronic heavy metal. It’s the-filthier-the-better in that world, and with heavy metal, it’s the heavier the better, so it’s kind of the same thing.”

When pressed about Korn‘s future plans, he stated:

“We don’t need labels anymore. When the machine worked in the early days of Korn with Epic, that shit was amazing. We had MTVs, we had video stations and labels that cared and put the work in, but now it’s so diluted and fucked up. We’re going underground again. Commercialized music is just commercialized bullshit. Do we really need labels anymore with the way things went with the Internet? I don’t think so.”

The full article can be read over at Noisecreep.

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