City Of Fire Offer Update On New Album “Trial Through Fire”


City Of Fire (Fear Factory, etc.) have checked in with an update regarding their progress on their current fan-funded new album “Trial Through Fire” and more. It can be read below:

“To our Friends, Families and Pledglings;

As we come to the conclusion of our PLEDGE MUSIC Campaign, we would like to give you the following update:

The CITY OF FIRE record is almost completed. We still have a few tracks to mix, complete artwork and some small stuff that needs to be finished, and/or executed.

While working on this album, the band members of CITY OF FIRE had also needed to attend to other commitments in their lives therefore the release date for second studio record from CITY OF FIRE won’t be until late summer.

Unlike the last record, which was completed, and delivered with no set up due to the people handling the business end of things, we want to do this one right and “set up” the CD properly.

Over the last year, we have built an online presence, secured a video grant for Bad Motivator, and are on the brink of delivering a new studio record thanks to all the friends, fans, pledges and support that you have given us.

And now to answer all the questions going on out there:

1. BYRON STROUD is still in CITY OF FIRE, and so is BURTON C BELL.

2. Burton has a commitment to Fear Factory and will be delivering a new album this summer as well as endless touring.

3. CITY OF FIRE web site will be launched as soon as the video is delivered to the grant company in Canada (should be in March 2012)

4. CITY OF FIRE is not a side project but a passion project that we would like to build into a career.

5. For all those that have been asking, we raised over $10K on Pledge Music. ¼ of the cost of making this record. Thank you again for your support!

The Pledge Music Campaign ends in March as this is the deadline Pledge Music has given us. We plan to fulfill all pledges and if for some reason we can not fulfill your pledge in a timely manner, we will be more than happy to reimburse you.

We will be closing the campaign on Pledge Music in the next 10 days. At this time you will get a projected date as to when you will receive what you have ordered. (Artwork, CDS, etc)

Several individuals already got the auction items. The following has already been sent out and delivered: Voice Mail message, autographed guitar, thank you letters, hand written lyrics, dinner with the band (1), BCB photograph (2), ipod with music, and more.

The only challenge at this time is when we can fulfill dinners, VIP tickets etc. Once we have knowledge of the complete Fear Factory plan, we will be able to give you more information.

In an ideal world, we would release the CITY OF FIRE CD late summer, building the band through the rest of 2012, and have the band on the road in 2013 when Burton’s commitment to Fear Factory touring is complete. At this time, that timeline is still unknown.

Once again, we cannot thank you more for your time, and support with this band and project. Each of you did a HUGE part in spreading the word on this new project and you all seem to be as excited as we are.

We also thank you for your time and patience with us. Our challenges have been both business and personal – some small, some big – but our fans and family have been beside us and supportive and we couldn’t ask for anything more.

Thanks again.

Bob, Burton, Byron and Terry