CKY’s Future In Doubt As Tensions Flare And Members Allegedly Part Ways


It may come as no surprise that following the recent video of CKY pondering their uncertain future, comes word of a full on rift within the band. In particular the tensions seem centered between vocalist/guitarist Deron Miller and guitarist/vocalist Chad I Ginsburg (who has reportedly exited the group.)

Speaking on the situation via his Facebook, Miller offered the following:

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“you know i had this whole angry post planned to make you all abreast of whats going on, but i’m not going to do that. instead i’ll keep it as short and sweet as possible. for CKY, there is NOTHING going on, and i honestly feel that the band’s potential has expired and we are just another casualty of the dying business. Chad quit the band already and didnt tell me or the fans, and our management and jess werent going to tell me we were now a 3 piece until we got to the juggalofest.

no one within the whole cky community keeps in touch with me AT ALL, or tells me anything, so, in addition to a zillion other reasons… it’s no longer a possibility for me to be a part of CKY, and i can no longer work with some of the people within our organization, and chad already having left ( i could go on and on and on), i want to fulfill the remaining obligations, including any shows already booked and then im throwing the towel in.

i dont think its fair that every time i have a negative opinion, complaint or angry rant…its because im drunk or loaded. NO… its because im frustrated, lied to, ripped off…and exhausted. it causes me a lot of stress being kept out of the loop and mentally its taking a huge toll on me. im going to do whatever i can with World Under Blood and get more involved with working in other areas of the entertainment industry with my wife, much of which is going to keep us very busy and already panning out. for the most part, it was a good 15 year run, and im sorry because i know the fans will suffer the most and be dissapointed…but its time for a change and time to move on.

i will ALWAYS be involved in music, but i will only work with people that i can get along with. and from now on its going to be for fun. so if i dont see you onstage at the last couple cky shows, i’ll see you onstage with World Under Blood, or anything else!

thanks for your support and i’m always here for you all…


Meanwhile, when asked by a fan what his take was on the situation via the groups Ask CKY page, band drummer Jess Margera offered:

“i have learned over the years that mud-slinging bullshit is the gayest way to handle this situation. alcohol is a fucking serious problem, bam is going through it too, and about a dozen other people that i know. getting mad over it is not the way to handle it, took me a while to realize that – but its totally the truth. deron needs our support right now, not a insult fest.

in all 100 percent honesty, i just hope he gets better one of these days. thats all i have to say on the subject guys, im traveling today and i wont have internet for a bit. my apologies for the shit-show, when i get home i hope things get sorted in some way or another. who knows what is going to happen. thanks, jess

Replying to a fan on the Ask CKY page about the potential to miss the groups planned “Soundwave Festival 2012” performances in Australia next year, Miller offered:

chad‘s not playing soundwave. and im not playing it as a 3 piece like management wants me to so they can take all the fucking money.”

Furthermore, in the above-mentioned video Miller expressed his interest in each member of the band working on a solo album – an idea Ginsburg seemed to be against. Instead, Ginsburg insisted that the band needed to get in a room and write together. It would appear that despite Ginsburg‘s alleged departure and Miller‘s role in the band seemingly in doubt, the solo album plan may continue in some capacity.

Addressing a fan via Facebook Miller stated:

“…if i could get those guys to call me, email me, ANYTHING…i would do what i can…i was SO looking forward to the 4 solo albums. but chad didnt want to do that, and i think its because hes afraid to make an album. but as it stands, my decision is my final decision and dont get me wrong, im still gonna do my album”

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