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Superheist - The Prize Recruit

Once again Superheist fire up the get away vehicle and case the listeners cranium with their pulsing blend of metal, rap, electronica and melodic alt-rock, ruthlessly grabbing attention and nearly executing their plan flawlessly. As documented here, the band continue to evolve and each facet of their aural expression has been stepped up a notch, from the more encompassing use of programming to the stronger vocal variation and sleeker song structures. Like the bastard child of Incubus, Rage Against The Machine, Depeche Mode and perhaps the Stone Temple Pilots or Filter, these 5 aussies cover every exit and with their tight musical connection to each other, ensuring that no one will have any chance to trip the alarm.

Cutting edge as always, band frontman Berger at times laces the tracks with his crisp, flowing raps which have the character of perhaps a less militant Zack De La Rocha before they instantly become subdued, taking shape with warm melodic croons, full of a soulful harmony that is entrancing, yet accessible, using his rich vocal range to its full potential. Guitar work dons many faces throughout the disc's progression, using everything from riffs crafted of grating new metal to the eerie, techno harmonics, comparable to the likes of say, Orgy and as such, the sonic portion of this CD is surprisingly dynamic, filled with both color and intensity. Bass wise, the effort is layered with a thick lowend that compliments the wealth of hypnotic programming and ethereal keyboards to form a constantly shifting audio foundation for which the punchy drum hits and kicks hammer out constructive beats upon, erecting a focused wall of percussion.

It would be easy to immediately cast off Superheist as just another rap/rock act, especially when they do fundamentally combine the two genres together. But upon further listens, the charm and sheer scope of their work truly begins to reach out to the listener, sucking them into a swirling vortex of heavy riffs, finely balanced vocals, catchy beats and an abundance of intoxicating programming that enlists ethnic instrumentation, trippy synth tones and much, much more. The songs are catchy and inspiring, yet they don't sound contrived or constrained. They abandon the self imposed limitations that cordon those who are currently fronting the crossover movement, and instead digest their influences from all genres, molding it into a superbly crafted musical engine that will take them nearly anywhere they need to go. However, the most impressive quality of the band, is the maturity and seamless way they are able to incorporate such a wide array of sounds and compress them into one, making this album a very lush and colorful ride that the listener can literally slip right through, with little to no snags. Sure there are a few moments where things become a little too overtly radio friendly or sound a bit commercially focused, but with the bulk of the material included representing an eclectic blend of energetic modern metal crunch, such things are easy enough to overlook. "The Prize Recruit" has already helped these 5 young lads build up a formidable army of fans in their native country of Australia and you can damn well bet that it will only be a matter of time before the numbers swell to a size large enough for them to accumulate the amount of firepower necessary to invade the U.S. scene. Admittedly, music from other countries has had a hard time breaking in North America in the past, but with the talent of this band and the way that the cookie cutter frontrunners of the rap/rock world of today are handling themselves, the yanks don't look to stand a chance.

(4 / 5)


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The Prize Recruit
Shock/Pivotal Records

1. The Fight Back
2. Bullet
3. Burnt Out Souls
4. Slide
5. Deliverance
6. Old Again [Eurotrash]
7. Uncanny Decadence
8. The Ghost
9. Happy Wasted
10. Unlearn
11. Down South
12. Crank The System
14. Step Back

Superheist's Official Website
Superheist's Mp3 Website


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