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Silence The Epilogue - Demo

Silence the Epilogue from Fort Smith, Arkansas paint a grim picture with their social awareness stating "Our city is like a can touch it and look at it but it never responds, giving no sign of life." With the two tracks on this cd they manage to convey this desperation with a progressive hardcore metal sound that owes as much to Vision Of Disorder as to any of the complex metalcore bands currently out there.

First song "Reflections Of A Rapist" sounds like Mudvayne playing hardcore with a gun held to their head and whilst it's not an entirely focused assault, the band lay all their cards down on the table and show what they are capable of. The vocals have a two tier affect with tortured mellow cries playing off against fierce vocal shrieks and although this works well the song feels more like a collection of song parts rather than one song. With a more tight song structure the band could convey their emotion far better than this disjointed but praiseworthy effort. "Medicine 101" on the other hand is far more appealing noise with dramatic tension via spoken word commentaries and ominous sounding bass. The song builds in tension and then hits the ground running with a lethargic tortured vocal that is as much tuneful as it is haunting. The instruments all work together rather than fighting for attention and the end result is a song that breathes emotion into anyone that listens. If you are looking for a dark sounding band who are not afraid to venture into new territory then look no further. They may not be the finished article but they offer a glimpse into a possibly bright future particularly as demonstrated on the latter track.

(3 / 5)

Brian Webb

Silence The Epilogue

1. Reflections Of A Rapist
2. Medicine 101

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