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Shattered Realm - From The Dead End Blocks Where Life Means Nothing

Even withstanding the unfortunate recent events which saw a rumble and a subsequent shooting take place at one of their shows, it's no stretch to say that Shattered Realm embody what tough guy metalcore has become in 2005. A brutal album from start to finish, the group practice aural pugilism that sounds like it's being bashed out by Hatebreed's incarcerated older brother.

Gang shouts, loose frenetic riffing, chugging breakdowns and more are all in place and while aggressively played, remain sadly quite predictable. If there's a band that's going to come through and invigorate the scene, Shattered Realm are not it. Instead, they deliver a passionate take using the standard playbook and while a perfect soundtrack to a night of vandalism, the lack of innovation sees it being little else.

Unquestionably the album is bruisingly heavy and the bands raw energy is conveyed with a brass-knuckled punch. But the fact is, once you've heard about three songs, you've heard them all, as the same formula is ground out over and over. Of course, in this vein of music that is not necessarily a bad thing, but with bands like Madball, Hatebreed and Terror having already perfected it, why bother?

(2 / 5)


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Shattered Realm
From The Dead End Blocks Where Life Means Nothing

01. Our Time
02. Devil In Disguise
03. Endless
04. Final Day
05. New Disgrace
06. Fallen
07. Eat Shit
08. No One Else
09. All That Matters
10. GBNF
11. Her Justice

Shattered Realm's Official Website


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